Some multiplayer questions - could someone please educate?

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  • Ashley, I did look at real-time game example...Even in real-time game, there is only a single instance creation of a sprite called "Peer". But my question is even there are only 2 players or "n" number of players, I want to create multiple instances of sprites for each Peer...And I want to associate all instances of sprites created by a particular peer to that peerid....In such case, inside the peer group if I have an event like - on-created sprite event - set Paddle.peerid to multiplayer.peerid action sets the peerid only for the first instance of the sprite...The peerid for all other instances is blank using this approach...somehow sync object is not syncing for the remaining instances of peer sprites ...Hope I am clear..

    You either want to look at container or independent sprite like RTS?

    I haven't look at RTS yet but I think that'll be one hell of a job.

    Looking at your name I think you're an Indian, happy celebration then!

  • DuckfaceNinja, Thanks a lot for the wishes and for the inputs..."wait for signal" looks promising to give it a try...Will do that and post here if it worked...

    I am already using container objects...Also I was able to get most of it working as desired except for this peerid mixup that is happening on the sprites that get created on the peer side

    But I thought sync object should always trigger whenever oncreated event happens and accordingly updating multiplayer.peerid with whoever created it...strangely it only works for the very first instance and not for others!!

  • Strangely it only works for the very first instance and not for others!!

    I came into conclusion that the data arrived in parallel ordered (independent) not in serial ordered (dependent)

    (I dont know the right word for it)

    , because I found in my spam test, some sprites changed color but some don't, event upon creation all should change the color on created, it's inconsistent. However it's an old test, I'm not sure whether I myself made a mistake on the event, but when the wait for signal works, I think that is the case.

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  • Thanks was able to make it work using "system wait signal action" !! So your reasoning is ofcourse correct...However this was a very convoluted approach....Not sure if this is the only way to approach this issue but I sincerely believe Ashley finds a better MP plugin-built-in technique to circumvent this issue...

  • Hi, I am encountering the same problem as kmsravindra, has a more elegant solution been found than "system wait signal action?"


    GenkiGenga was able to fix this in my case, see topic 876478

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