multiplayer: manual close and open the room

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  • No, you can request room lists without being in a room.

    You can already filter rooms when requesting room lists to skip ones which are full or locked. I don't see why there needs to be a new feature here.

    yes but we cannot manually lock / unlock a room and this is my problem ...

    the host should do this

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  • OK, so that's a possible feature suggestion, but why would you want to lock a room that is not full?

  • Once a game is in play such as an RTS or any limited resource maps. You don't want new participants. When the rules have certain dictation of play more players during the game are unwanted as they throw off the balance of the match itself. Heck even just match play should stop from new participants. Not all game types should have open drop in and out play.

    However my opinion is that once play starts. More connections just become spectators.

  • Ashley

    i think jayderyu answer that...

    this is good we know the scirra team listening to users... good luck

  • OK, well I'll see if I can get it in for the next beta cycle. However you can still either just set the room size to the number of players you want and have it lock when full, or just let new people join as spectators like suggested.

  • How do you create a rooms list?

  • Sorry for bumping this after so long but I am currently building a simple peer-to-peer card game for a client for up to 5 players at once (using Auto-join for simplicity) and have run into this issue. I can't see any way for the host to set the room limit on the fly or to lock the game before the max players has been reached.

    I really need the host to be able to set the game as locked or unlocked on the fly because:

    -I don't want any extra players to be able to join once the host decides to start the game (game may not be full).

    -My players don't want to spectate, they would rather join a free game instead.

    -At the end of a game/round the host may want to allow players to join again.

    If this can already be done I would appreciate it if someone could fill me in. If not, any chance of having this included in the next beta please Ashley?

  • I found an acceptable work around for this issue (for anyone who experiences a similar problem).

    If you want to close the room before the max has been reached, simply send the max peer amount through a host message and get all the connected peers to rejoin with the auto-join but this time set the max to the set variable.

  • How do I get the room list after I request it?

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