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  • Same issues. Server is down I think.

  • I don't seem to have any problem connecting to the signal server. "wss://" If that is the one you are wondering about being down?

    However was wondering, since everything goes through the host.

    And the first person to join become host, does it automatically figure out to choose a new host, if that person leaves. Or do you need to constantly check to see if the host left or not.

    In the chat tutorial different groups are activated based on the person being host or not. But I don't see anything that would activate a new host if the current one leaves. Anyone know how that works?

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  • Now that you mention it, I hadn't seen any code either. If you can connect to the signalling server, give it a go?

    I thought someone said if the host leaves then everyone else gets DC'd.

    As for it being down, it was last night through early morning, I think. For sure yesterday evening. Probably back up after a restart.

  • Not sure why I didn't just test it

    Anyway seems that it doesn't select a new one, and not really sure how you could do it, none of the functionalities seems to make it possible. Also connecting a new host, will not allow the current peers to communicate with the new one.

    Seems like the only options as of now, is to connect a Administrator host of some sort, that is just always connected.

  • my multiplayer dont work too, only one player can be logged in, other players are kicked from server. Maybe we should try upload game to private servers?

  • Re: players unable to join host - looks like a possible browser bug, but it's worked around for the next build. It seems sometimes Firefox sends spurious blank messages which the host isn't expecting, but those can just be ignored. I think it might depend on the connection or NAT setup, since we've never had any issues with Ghost Shooter Multiplayer running on a dedicated server, but hopefully all will be sorted from r165 anyway.

    Re: node-webkit - not sure what the issue could be but it's a version behind Chrome (node-webkit is v32, Chrome is currently v33). Development is moving quickly and it's possible it won't work until node-webkit catches up with Chrome.

    Re: signalling server - the server crashed yesterday due to a bug. This is to be expected during beta. Being a weekend it took us a couple of hours to notice and restart it. We'll try to get some kind of auto-reboot set up so we don't have to have manual restarts with extended downtime, and perhaps publish a page with server status.

  • Ashley


    Server status page addition:

    In the code there is the error message for unable to connect to signalling server, the output was [object event], if posssible, simply change this to "unable to connect to signalling server", so we can see it during tests (for those adding the logging output to screen)

  • In my computer, i've tested the new multiplayer chat , only 2 window of firefox browser work, one as a host, and second as a peer.

    And chrome do not work, it's showing some error.

    Can't connect between firefox to chrome, and chrome to firefox too. Even chrome with chrome don't work too.

  • Fer what its worth; I had no problem runnin the multiplayer ghost shooter example in chrome, had alotta fun talkin to other c2 users n hiding underneath the text entry bar.

  • don't want to create another topic so I post my question here.

    Did someone was able to host/play your own game?

    I can connect to without any problems but every time i'm on preview or export my own stuff it doesn't work at all.

    Even multiplayer examples - without any changes - works only while using two browser windows on same pc. I've tried 4 different computers with chrome and firefox and 3 phones and still nothing.

  • Someone else having problems with Node-Webkit on 164.2. Kicked (either could not connect to host or host quit).

  • Katala

    For me, all connections involving a webkit resulted in on of the two not seeing anyone.


    yes, I can get normal connections going with the ghost shooter multiplayer if I use multiple instances (firefox profile manager) of firefox on the same computer.

    I have spent quite a few hours now trying to implement the ghost shooter example in my tankwars game, but have not been able to get it working decent.

    For instance, I am using a large map, and added the scrollto activation in the host group under the first event where it sets the ID. Then, somehow, every peer connected gets the scrollto enabled on all connection ends :\ (undesired)

    Somehow I don't find the method of use intuitive at all and been wasting time trying to understand the mechanics .... and fail.

  • I think node-webkit won't work until it's updated to v33+. Hopefully that will happen within a few weeks.

    Can anyone confirm that the connectivity issues between Firefox/Chrome are fixed in r164.2?

  • I think node-webkit won't work until it's updated to v33+. Hopefully that will happen within a few weeks.

    Can anyone confirm that the connectivity issues between Firefox/Chrome are fixed in r164.2?

    Yes, seems to work better now.

    Fom a single computer:

    Chrome host <=> firefox clients : works

    Firefox host <=> chrome / firefox clients : works

  • [quote:3bvah0px]Can anyone confirm that the connectivity issues between Firefox/Chrome are fixed in r164.2?

    Ashley, At least for me both work.

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