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  • For the record, as the developer of two multiplayer plugins (MultiPlayer and PhotonClient), I'll just set out here what my angle is on awarmenhoven's proposal:

    My aim has been to produce plugins/behaviors that operate at a much higher level of abstraction, to make it as easy as possible for those who want to get into multiplayer gaming but have limited experience of low-level networking - or simply prefer to work with higher level operations. So, here's the very different basic set of ACEs in my C2 plugins/behaviors:

    • Condition: New web player has joined
    • Condition: Web player has been updated
    • Condition: On collision with another player
    • Condition: Web player/s to be created
    • Condition: On my player moved
    • Condition: Web player has left (use this to destroy the associated sprite)
    • Condition: Game server is ready
    • Action: Set the web player's ID (from the C2-allocated UID)
    • Action: Initialise data of web player to create (from the server-allocated client ID and its current x/y coordinates)
    • Expression: Get current X co-ordinate of web player
    • Expression: Get current Y co-ordinate of web player
    • Expression: Get web player's C2 UID
    • Expression: Get number of web players to make (on joining game)
    • Expression: Get the player's server-allocated UID
    • Expression: Get the player's name
    • Expression: Get the player's current score
    • Expression: Get the player's current health

    I'll continue on this development line, but follow awarmenhoven's work with great interest <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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