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  • [quote:9p9kiij3]cannot export native windows code

    huh? With the way Universal Apps are going, "native windows code" is a dying breed. I am not even 100% sure what you mean. Exporting with Universal Windows 10 option is pretty darn "Native."

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  • Why is it important to only have a single file? What difference does it make if some other files are involved?

    While I don't particularly mind the way things are now, I can understand why a single executable would be nice. For me it is mostly a matter of convenience (laziness). If i'm sending my program to a friend (or publish for download), I would be able to send just a single file, instead of having to zip or otherwise pack up all the files, send it, then have them unpack to run.

    While serious users/publishers could pack everything up nicely in an installer, I think that is beyond the majority of the users here and still adds additional steps for both the publisher and the end user.

    It is actually very similar to the concept of saving as a project to a folder vs saving as a single file capx. Generally speaking the functionality for most users is all the same, but it is definitely a great feature to be able to save as a single file for organization and collaboration purposes!

  • > Why is it important to only have a single file? What difference does it make if some other files are involved?


    Its twofold really.

    1: yes its purely a personal thing and I want one single exe to run or to give to friends, thats just me and my requirements, its what I prefer.

    2: this is the main one, running in a wrapper really hurts the performance, running native code is far faster and more efficient.

    like I said, I love C2 and its UI is really damn perfect for me, heck if someone created an addon that exported native windows code I'd buy it, even if it was like £50

    1- Use InnoSetup and create a single .exe installer.

    2- Performance is only an issue if you're displaying tons of sprites at the same time. You can always optimize your game. There are some commercial games made with C2 that use a lot of effects (The Next Penelope) or an open world design (Cosmochoria) and they run just fine with the NWjs wrapper.

  • Fusion 2.5 definitely faster on exe but thats if you do tests on particles and stuff ons screen etc.

    For real world usage exporting the exe for windows is plenty fast. Don't notice slowdowns. I am running it on a beefy laptop and beefy computer though.

    Single .exe is not a problem to create.

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