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  • Well this one (and the fact that these WTF 2FPS reactions pop up now and then) pushed me to write a simple tutorial on how to get better performance on mobiles:


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  • I feel proud just to have (partially) sparked the need for you to create such a solid tutorial. Bravo. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi All,

    this is kranthi,

                   I am facing the same problem. i have created a platform based game & i have exported it in html5 and dropped in works good in desktop browsers but slow & sluggish in mobile browsers. what might be the problem, any suggestions?

    Thank's in advance!!!:)

  • Hi all,

    Lurking since the first release of construct classic until now...

    First of all I want to thank Scirra guys for the great work behind Construct 2.

    I'm prototyping a "sonic-style" speedy platform game with the charachter controlled by accelerometer values.

    I found mobile performance not so tragic since the beginning of development and with some extra tweaks now I'm getting a 15-20 FPS framerate with BG music and sfx on an average samsung galaxy ace (single core 800Mhz CPU, gingerbread 2.3.3, can't wait to see results on ICS with hw acceleration and I'm really curious about windows phone mango html5 native support)

    I currently use Eclipse and Cordova-1.7.0rc1.js to pack native android apps and in my case actually is the only way to hear something on my phone (no sounds from phonegap automatic builds).

    Tried also with appmobi but, despite a slightly better framerate, poor sound support and the never resolved apk permissions issue convinced me to switch to cordova-phonegap.

    As Ranma said, building the whole development environment (Eclipse-Android sdk-adt plugin-cordova) can be really frustrating but I think is currently the only solution to make something uploadable on google play (until directcanvas support?).

  • Right now if you want a decent game on mobile with decent performance you have to go native. I'd love to be proven wrong btw.

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