Mobile noob here, CocoonJS and PhoneGap problems.

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  • Now keep in mind I have no exprience from newer mobile phones, still using my trusty Nokia 2730 classic. Few problems I would love to get solved.

    Testing done with Samsung Xpreria & PhoneGap export.

    1) View problem.

    Normal view

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Android view

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Please note Android view is photoshopped, but somehow close to what I was looking at when "playing" it with phone. I have fullscreen enabled with "letterbox" option and tried "fill to screen". Window size is set to 640, 80.

    2) CocoonJs problem.

    I tried to export with CocoonJS and all went well, but when trying to install .apk I got error message "There was a problem with parsing the package" or similiar (translated message).

    Any thoughts how to handle these issues? Game works fine when using PC (web or desktop) and iPhone 4 via browser. Is there some "global rule" when trying to fit game into different mobile platforms?

    3) About testing with diff. platforms.

    Is there any known tool for PC to test game and see how it looks with different android/ios devices? I tried to search but didnt find anything that I would understand :P Tried Bluestacks but even after I got my app "installed", upon launching app I was greeted with black screen and nothing happened, no loading etc.

  • Hello CoffeeOD,

    Let's see if we can help you here. First of all, can you tell us if you have tested the game using the CocoonJS Launcher? I cannot clearly state that from your post. If so, have you tried both iOS and Android versions of the launcher? Is the result what you expected? Before compiling with the cloud compiler, it is very important that you try your game with the CocoonJS Launcher App.

    Once we know this went well, we can move forward.



  • For the first issue, are you using the right fullscreen-in-browser setting?

  • Thanks for reply both.

    ludei Sadly this phone does not have internet access so I could not download launcher app, I will have to take a look about that debug APK option later on. Thanks for offering help!

    Ashley I assume so, my project settings are "Letterbox Scale" and "fit to fill" from PhoneGap settings if I remember right. Im not sure on android device itself.

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  • CoffeeOD

    Ok, Anyway you can download the APK directly from here:

  • Honestly this looks like landscape created game is rendering in Portrait view mode. I had this problem until I set the landscape settings. This is the kind of result for mixing up the rendering. Androidview is probably portrait.

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