1 million downloads stats (Football Dash)

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  • Football Dash has received over 1 million downloads!

    • Average per month revenue: $2,000
    • No campaigns
    • Posted on a few indie game forums
    • AdMob with no ad mediation


  • How much have you spent on marketing? What are your main marketing channels? And which have the best return rate?

    I think that kind of information is going to be super beneficial to the developers on the forums.

    It's great seeing the end result, but we all know just making a good game doesn't result in performance like you have.

  • Great post! It is super helpful to see what monetary success can look like on mobile.

    If you don't mind my asking, what ad networks are you using, and what sorts of ads are getting displayed?

  • Just AdMob with default ads. Bottom ad placement and interstitial.

  • Hi

    GREAT RESULT! I congratulate you!

    I have the following questions:

    1. Which plugin for construct and cordova are you using?

    2. What are the TOP5 countries of ads displaying in your game?

    Sorry for bad english

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  • hey awesome stats, qq you have the pay to remove ads in your game, did you use construct iap to do that? or some other plugin?

  • Congratulations Man Grate job & grate Game super fan to Play,

    Thanks for sharing that was super helpful and Motivated

    I have one question that I'm curious if the Game worked well for you on Android why you didn't release it on Apple? I'm asking because when I saw it a while ago I wanted to try it and I only had apple device at that time but I couldn't find it in the store, so did you had any problems to release it on ios?? or just you didn't try it

    Thanks for sharing

  • tarek2 I couldn't figure out how to release on iOS and was eager to get it out. It is now available on iOS, but for some reason iOS is very difficult to climb the ranks for visibility.

  • piranha305 I used cocoonads

  • tarek2 Thanks! I tried to release it on iOS, but they are a lot more critical when it comes to approving games. They declined mine so I am in the midst of re-branding, and at the same time, adding more features. iOS also is not very friendly towards new games that don't have a lot of demand. Your ranking doesn't ever pick up if you are an unknown indie developer. When I released Zombie Bash on both Android and iOS, Android picks up way more where iOS get a few downloads, then dies. Will try again soon!

    Woow I'm in shock now as I really didn't see any reason whatsoever to decline your Game it looks pretty cool and fan Hmm that sounds a bit worry, is there any explanation in particular that the gave you for the decline? I would love to know these things to keep it in mind for a reference for the future like what to avoid and what not, Honestly I saw a lot very simplistic Games on ios which you will understand if they don't get accepted but in this case, is like what?? are those people seriously smoking Marijuana?? because indeed it looks like it

    Definitely, you should try it again now that you can show them that is popular on Android, Good luck man and thanks for sharing

  • Honestly I saw a lot very simplistic Games on ios which you will understand if they don't get accepted

    They changed their policy towards higher quality, but still they have lots of old apps that can't be kicked out of the store.

  • > Honestly I saw a lot very simplistic Games on ios which you will understand if they don't get accepted


    They changed their policy towards higher quality, but still they have lots of old apps that can't be kicked out of the store.

    I see what you mean, that makes sense now thanks

    still the way I see it and maybe I'm wrong as I haven't read much about it yet, is that the selection to get accepted it sounds like is more as a random if you lucky you will get accepted or if not you will not more like a lottery, other ways they will have given some Rules and guidelines to follow for what they expect from every App to be accepted on their side so at list the developers they have some guidelines to follow if they are serious about releasing Games on ios, because it sounds a very uncomfortable company to work with, there is nothing that hates more than to work with a boos that you don't know what he wanna or expect from you, basically you work like lost in a jungle totally blind as you don't know what things you really need to improve in yourself to make a good job, you will never succeed or go any farther with people or companies like this jeje as you will always be in distress never knowing whats gonna happen in the next couple of seconds unpredictable.

    saying this if this is right, I can understand that maybe they wanna give super quality Games which is good everyone has the right to decide what to offer in his company right, but definitely, that is not the way to go as they don't specify what means for them that "super quality Game" so you have at list a chance to give them exactly what they want.

    But I think this it sounds more like hey we are on the top of the pyramid and we do what we wanna so all that fame this company gained started to play out very badly on their brains. surprising they gamble very much knowing all the competence that they have around and who knows what is coming new maybe far better than iPhones.

    An example of a clever company that they stop and think properly then realized how much money and customers they loosing for having the same mentality as ios is the "Xbox" which they changed that mentality an as results this was born "Xbox Live Creators Program" which I think is very clever from them and it will work out quite well for them, as they still have the same things that had before plus new Indie Games for variety which means = more money = more customers Happy.

    And is done in a clever way because they made two sections the one "cured" which is the one that they check every detail to pass the Game

    And the new one "uncured" which is the one that you can submit any Game an will get pass basically

    I said clever way because the Xbox owners or customers they cannot complain for why you put low-quality Games or something like that, as Microsoft very clearly stated that in"cured" section you will find the top quality Games and "Uncured" you will find mixt of low and high-quality Games so they give them a choice and makes everyone happy I think that's very clever, Apple they should take a note. I cant stop thinking why any company would limit their options and possibilities to make more money and possibly more happy customers at the end of the day a company is nothing without his customers doesn't matter how grate is their product

    A sort interview explaining about "Xbox Live Creators Program"

  • congrats

  • That's great to hear! Glad your app is doing well.

    Curious though, I always heard Admob is pretty janky, but you managed to get it to function with Cordova?

  • Gratz, well done!

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