So I got message Construct 2 is leaving Steam

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  • And within was message that Construct 2 will altogether be discontinued soon and invitation to buy Construct 3.

    Now I am big fan, and its why I own professional version of C2. However I can not stop thinking that today when Unity ( that is getting visual scripting in next patch ), Unreal and other super major engines that can produce anything from school projects too AA titles, that are used in every studio ( unity ) where you can always get job if you have experience with them - all these engines are free. And yet Construct 3 is not only not free - but also insanely expensive in its hobby version.

    I will not call Construct developers greedy ( i belive they are just looking for a way to make profit with their product ) but for hobby developer C3 is unreasonably expensive ( especially when completely free options are around, options that also give you added benefits of future job opportunities ) , and as professional there are far better options.

    So where is Construct than ? It shoots itself in the legs in huge way. It is not option for hobby and not option for professional ?

    Who are the users than ? Few hobby developers that have way too much money to waste, but no patience to study 10% more to be able to use Unity ?

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  • You're a bit late to the party - this all happened in January. And the Construct 3 vs. Construct 2 discussion has also been done to death already. That all happened in 2017, and here we are - doing better than ever, actually! Rumours of our demise have long been exaggerated.

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