Lower res sprite - same performance?

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  • Hi!

    I've been wondering about the performance of low-resolution sprites. Let's say I have a large 1920x1080 sprite as my background. If I were to change that image's native size to about a quarter of that, then resize it in the layout back to 1920x1080, would performance increase accordingly? Or would it stay the same since the image is still being rendered at the same size?

    Sorry to post such a simple sounding question, but I couldn't find any straightforward answers anywhere. Thanks for your help!

  • Yes, using lower resolution images will help your performance. I'd suggest you try to avoid backgrounds as big as that. Try using the TiledBackground or Tilemap objects for this purpose and if you still have a big artistic background that you can't tile, then split it up into smaller parts.

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  • It probably will have the same performance.

  • Your resize approach has the main benefit of saving memory since it uses a smaller source image. In terms of performance it probably won't make any significant change at all. You can find out exactly how much (if any) by measuring it.

  • Thanks guys for all your help!

    Yes, it seems lower resolution sprites still have roughly the same performance! Of course, I'd always avoid using sprites that large, but it is nice to know for the future.

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