Low res collisions and general handling?

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  • Hey everyone!

    I'm an indiedev currently using GameMaker: Studio for my games, but am interested in using (not switching entirely to) Construct 2 for faster builds and native HTML5 performance. I focus solely on low res, pixel art games with most sprites < 16x16 pixels.

    I wanted to know how Construct 2 handled such low res sprites in general, but also some details on scaling and pixel precision in collisions? In Gamemaker I have my own collision code which checks collisions before they happen and loops until it gets the object perfectly collided (pixel perfect). There's not much point in me switching to Construct 2 if I'm going to have to make my own extensions that achieve these same results, so if you guys can share your experiences, I'd be super grateful!

    To clarify the collisions; they can use a simple box collision shape, but if the x/y coordinates aren't perfectly rounded, I want to know how Construct 2 fixes this and ensures that the object is pixel perfect touching the solid, without any overlap or floating effects.

    Here's my latest little game so you have an idea of how low res and precise my sprites and collisions are: **.

    Sorry for asking a question straight off the bat, but I just want to make sure Construct 2 is a viable option and if I invest in it, I'd be super happy to be a part of the community and help where I can when I become more knowledgable!


    Edit: I don't have enough rep to link my game so if you google Steg and Rex it should be the first result on itch.io.**

  • Welcome to the community! : )

    Construct 2 handles sprites of all sizes very well. You can group sprites into families, so that rules, functions and game logic apply to a wide range of sprites without duplicating code.

    You can turn pixel rounding off, if you want. And there are many options to scale things to get your game looking the way you want.

    Every sprite has its own collision polygon - so I don't think you will have any trouble there.

    There are lots of tutorials, and examples to play with, and the community is very helpful.

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  • Thanks for the reply Allan!

    So I shouldn't expect any floating/overlapping collisions with small sprites?

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