Looking for Alternatives to broken In-App Browser

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  • UPDATE: Switching to v1.6.1 WORKS!!!

    Happy to help.

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  • > UPDATE: Switching to v1.6.1 WORKS!!!


    Happy to help.

    v1.6.1 works but somehow after adding both IAP and Admob


    HOLY FK!!!

  • > UPDATE: Switching to v1.6.1 WORKS!!!


    Happy to help.

    Do you know which IAP and Admob plugins


    as of Feb 23, 2017 ????

  • When there's an error that causes a black screen the error is typically displayed on the browser's console. Seeing what the error is would be helpful to pinpoint what's causing it.

    It looks like google chrome can be used to debug and see the error console of a xdk/Cordova app running on a phone. I saw a tutorial in the tutorials section and another tutorial just with a Google search.

  • For iAP I was never able to get the offical iAP to work properly. I swapped to the Cranberrygame iAP plugin and was able to get that working pretty quickly.

    As for AdMob, I have never tried the official C2 plugin. I use the Cranberrygame Charboost plugin for ads and its working well (at the moment anyway).

    As for your black screen issue. Id just be systematic about testing it. You said you got a successful build recently. Remove everything you added since that build. Then just go one step at a time. Add in your Admob plugin, do a test build to see if it works. etc. Just add one thing at a time and test it. Hopefully that would allow you to identify what is causing problems.

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