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  • I'm working on a game and it's getting kinda big (all sorts of objects, hundreds of frames of handdrawn animation, sounds etc). The more I work on it, the longer the loading times become. From what I understand, the Construct 2 engine loads everything at the beginning. I was wondering if it's possible to load only the resources that the engine needs between each layout.

  • https://www.scirra.com/store/construct2 ... oader-3620

    This plugin lets you easily load exactly what you want between layouts. It is the your only option atm. I use it and it works great.

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  • Great! ... No strings attached? I just pick out which objects I want to load? Does it unload objects automatically after you exit/end a layout?

  • Exactly. You can load by layout name or individual objects. Unloading is handled like normal automatically inbetween layouts.

  • Does Construct load sprites and objects inbetween layouts? Is it just that you don't see a loading-bar? Or am I right about Construct 2 loading everything at the start?

  • C2 loads on start of layout which can cause a lot of lag the first seconds of a layout transfer. So with this plugin you can preload all assets and don't go to the new layout until it is fully loaded. You can also preload another layout in advance so the transition will be instant.

    For example when you preload level1 you can also preload level2 so when level1 is completed you'll go to level2 instantly as everything is already loaded.

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