Is the load time the same from pc to phone

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  • Hi,

    When I test my game on the pc it takes about 15 seconds to load, the game is not finished and I think each time I add stuff the loading time goes up a tiny bit.

    When the game is complete and with luck converted as a phone app, will the loading times be the same as I see? or will the files be compressed in the process of converting to a phone game and be smaller and load quicker?


  • The time is not the same, it depends highly on the hardware it's running, e.g. access speed to the data, ram, processor, etc.

  • Thanks, so the best thing for me to do is keep everything low, eg: amount of sprites, sound etc.


  • You still able to load resources only when they are required, also, as a best practice, make one Layout and place every object there, creating it in the runtime, but not loading it in unnecessary layouts.

    Plus, keep tracking your game profile while debugging, sometimes looping in the start of layout can hold your game from loading fast, also, pre-load sounds too.

    Finishing, if you want make a huge project, you should study more and implement a debugger on screen with at least memory usage, fps, etc.

    E.g. If you game is using less than 128mb, it should load really fast, otherwise something is holding it from loading.

  • Hi,

    Thanks, really interesting. I do have some large animation files on the menu screen (100+ frames at 640 x 360) I'm guessing this is slowing it down.

    While on the subject of adding the objects on 1 layout as you mentioned!

    When I clone that object to another layout it won't let me paste it.

    If I copy that object then I get all the behaviours with it, which means on the 2nd level if I remove persistent on the copy it removes it from the first level.

    So I'm left with adding another object on level 2 (with animation) just so I can add new behaviours to it.

    Have I done this wrong, and does this add to the overall file size, I know copy/paste doesn't but I have to add new sprites each time even though they are the same as level 1.

    Hope this makes sense?


  • It's not better load a video instead? Or separate the components of your animation into small parts and animate it with events?

  • Good point, only 35% of the main large animation screen is animated the rest is just blank alpha channel. Will do that thanks.

    Any idea on how to un-link a copy of an object from one layout to another, so I can change behaviours without effecting the original on the other layout?

    Thank you.

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  • If you place two objects of the same type in different layouts, each one will keep their own instances and setups, but if you want change them all at once, click on the object inside the "Projects" tab. The first object (or the lower UID, I'm not sure) of any type created will hold the standard for any other created after him.

  • If you place two objects of the same type in different layouts, each one will keep their own instances and setups,

    Thanks, that's what I've had to do, but adding the same sprite (animation) to another layout will cause the file size to be bigger?

    Eg: layout 1 has sprite with 30 frame animation = x amount of file size in the game.

    If I copy that into another layer, the system know it's a copy and thus will use that sprite and it's animation.

    But I if add the same sprite and animation in another layout will the system think it's another sprite with animation and then I'll have two files taking up space.

    Sorry to waffle on, I'm worried I'm bogging the game down with duplicates of things.


  • No, one object, two instances, it'll not increase your file size or the amount of memory being used because the system can recicle the item and simple redraw it.

    Things what consume resources are events triggering as spammers and animations using frames instead of videos.

    But if you go in a layout with 1.000 instances of the same object, it can increase the resources used to manage them on the event system, also, having 1 instances of 1.000 objects will increase both, the resource needed to manage it inside the event system and the memory consumption, because they are all loaded at once.

    To avoid it, think how the developers did old games, breaking them in areas and inside each area you can place a bunch of different objects, targeting the amount of memory you want to use.

    Avoid going up to 256MB because old mobiles have the maximum of 516MB, like MotoG, the cheapest smartphone I could remember to being able to run games =]

  • Ahh, thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

    Will go back to layout 1 and see what can be trimmed, I'm sure I've got things I can combine.

    Thank you, have a great holiday.


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