How limited is the platform behavior ?

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  • Hello,

    Just wondering.. i was doing some tests with the platform behavior.. and i was wondering myself if i can do stuff like jumping a wall and grip on the edge like in prince in persia. Will it require custom platform movements for this ?


  • yes you can, search the tuts and the forum for your answer please

  • Thanks will get a look.

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  • Feel free to check my tutorials on wall jumping and double jumping as well, you can find the one in my signature, and it has links to my other tutorial as well. You can do just about anything with the platform behavior. My just released game uses the platform behavior with my own logic to tweak and add new functions to it like air dashing, ground dashing, and sliding... You can see a video of my current game which should give you some clue as to some of the things you can do with the platform behavior and some creativity:


  • BluePhaze Thanks! This is a nice addition. There is something i don't understand through... ive looked some tutorials for platformer and i was wondering why a different sprite from the player sprite is used for collisions. I though sprites had boxed collisions so why using another sprite for this ? (Know as playerdetector or something)

  • A different sprite is used because it keeps the same shape and size no matter what animation you are doing which makes things much easier. Having a different shaped/sized collision box for each frame of your characters animation can cause all kinds of issues.

    For example when you run into an object if the collision box changes shape because of your animation then you might suddenly find your character overlapping or stuck inside of or on another sprite. Using a rectangular collision box that does not change shape makes it much easier to have predictable outcomes to various scenarios.

    For example when running or jumping if the characters arms or legs move, then the collision box for them would move also increasing the chance that they get stuck in another object when you collide with it.

  • Interesting.. thanks a lots for this clarification.

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