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  • Ashley, I forgot to mention one thing. Do you think it would be possible to have directional vs point based options. Right now the light plugin is point based.

  • It may be due to my relative lack of knowledge when it comes to how any of this actually works, but I'm with ruskul on this. It makes more sense to me to implement a light-caster, rather than a shadow-caster. Where everything is in shadow, unless it is hit with light. I hope this kind of thing is technically feasible, as I am running into a few issues while trying to implement a solid lighting system that makes sense to me.

    That said, the current shadows are really good at what they do, and are a million times better than nothing at all. Ideally I would only want to use sprites (light-blobs) for coronas or baked in static lighting, rather than using them for lighting the entire world. Or at least, have the ability to cast point light and light cones with fade off and whatnot to have a more solid interactive lighting system. I think the limitation of having to create separate layers for lights is what is causing me the most trouble.

    Some examples of what I've hacked together. You might be able to see where this would be improved if the lighting system didn't work backwards, as it were.




  • plauk I really like your art style! And the first photo with one light source looks amazing! Do you use the tilemap object in your game?

  • Thanks, I'm still kind of learning how to do pixel art. This is the first time I've tried isometric, and unfortunately you can't do isometric tilemaps (yet?), so it's all individual sprites set out on a grid. It would be amazing if the tilemap plugin could eventually do different types of tiles like isometric and hexagonal, but even if it did eventually do that, I'd be a bit concerned about the limitations with using shadows on a tilemap anyway. I still have to do some tests with tilemaps to see if it would even be worth using one.

  • plauk - good job, neat perspective. You could use a tile map for orthogonal tiles - you just have to set the collision polys to angles and such (if that makes sense), it might be faster to make the world, idk

  • Ruskul is there a tutorial on the lighting of your game?

    it looks so amazing. I cant even get the shadow lighting right.

    How do you make such lighting and shadowing ?

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  • How do you make such lighting and shadowing ?

    For start, I'd recommend doing a search in the tutorials. You can find useful tutorials like this regarding how the lightning system works: ... ing-lights

  • glerikud thank you for letting me know of the tutorial, I couldn't find any when I searched for lighting or shadows :/

    I'll check it out so I can understand every single thing there is about lighting of that plugin.

    But how did the creator of this awesome example create his scene ? Ruskul

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