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A simple Map Editor that where you can edit a map with restriction or totally. You can save and load the map created.
  • If you're bored you can port this to C2 ;-)

  • Another possibility could be : Tiled

    The editor is already functionnal, open source and exports xml formatted files in the end.

    The plugin in C2 that would have to be developped would be based on a xml parser and would recreate the structure depicted in the exported files.

    Might be something to consider, right ?

  • I already suggested Tiled support, but it's good to see others recommending it.

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  • I'm using Tiled for CC, I've modified ROjO's python script (added CSV format parsing and automatic objects properties\variables adjustment), only thing I don't like in Tiled is not so handy objects managment, hope they'll add something like objects pallete soon.

    But I don't know if C2 allows you use javascript like python in CC, I think using your own script is more handy, than plugin, since you can easily adapt it for your needs

  • DtrQ

    Any chance of sharing that python script? Sounds really useful :)

  • zenox98

    Sure, but maybe later, it's not polished yet and I'm busy with current project for local competition

  • Why not take a similar approach to this html5 engine that takes advantage of another open source tile editor, or maybe just a plug-in to utilize this tile map editor. This could prove extremely valuable. There is a      reference to this tile editor from this website, check this out....


    I like the way he has set up his tile map, but again constructs is going to be developed much more quickly than his, so I am looking forward to our version, but I hope it looks as friendly as as his appears from the screen shots. It integrates the Tilmap editor...here is the link...http://www.mapeditor.org/    

    Haven't tried this engine yet though personally especially because anything you make from his engine you are supposed to post all the code and everything. Since I'm making a commercial game, this engine doesn't bode well for me! So please a nice similar plug-in would be appreciated in construct and construct 2! Looking forward to them! :P

  • Hey, has anyone mentioned Tiled yet?

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  • I am new to Construct 2 but have dabbled in a number of platforms such as: Unity, Unreal, Corona, Stencyl, Moai, and others. There are pros and cons to all of these platforms with something's easier in one than the other.

    In the end, I settled on Construct 2 because of the open and seeming collegial atmosphere, philosophy, and openness of the Scirra team and the community and their non-subscription-based pricing structure was the icing on the cake.

    One call-out I would make is the ease of making levels using Stencyl. It is not only intuitive and easy, but with basic editing of your assets, it feels like you could get up and run with just that in hand.

    Along these lines I ran across Spriter today and posted how impressed I was with everything I learned about their program.

    One interesting thing I noted, was that I believe Crea at least according to this facebook post seems to be using it to fully support modding of the environment, characters, etc in this 2D Sandbox game which would be a great asset for many games and I am looking forward to learning more about as things are posted.

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