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  • <font color=red>ramble initiated...</font>

    I was thinking whilst making my platformer there could be some cool features too add. I think it would be beneficial to build level pieces from a collection of sprites and the manipulate them in the editor as a whole group. Also painting sprites to the grid.

    I think these would speed up and add to the complexity C2 Levels. Also I know the beast lord masters of Scrrrrrr have more pressing matters with making this awesome software but I think these types of additions would be great.

    <font color=red>...rambling complete</font>

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  • I hope that's a smiley face.

    1) Can't you already do that by highlighting a group of sprites, holding ctrl, then drag 'n dropping duplicates?

    2) Could be slightly beneficial when using tiles, I suppose. Maybe a "draw duplicate" feature could be added? Highlight an object, then hold T and left mouse click to draw duplicates? -shrug-

  • well you can edit a group of sprites but for rotation it uses their individual origins. I was thinking more like you could build a tower and and then rotate the whole thing on an angle. For my other idea its useless ctrl drag is just fine. Not sure what I was rambling about there HAHAHA. ........... its not a smiley face...... its a wiener. HAHAHAH

  • I actually agree with being able to manipulate a group of sprites like that. Not sure about the technical limitations, but surely it's not that hard to implement...

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