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  • I mentioned this earlier in a post somewhere here...In regards to LARGE projects...Some Ability to make Folders in the Layers Tab..sop we can group Objects would be nice...Much like in Photoshop...with each layer and folder retaining a Visibility and locking Toggle

    This would really help.....Some people have argued about this ..but I dont think they understand what I am talking about..

    Having Layer Folders MUCH like the Project Tree organizational folders would really help developers working on LARGE projects..

    Thankyou so much for the work you have done already...Brilliant Program..:D

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  • This has been suggested before, but it's a pretty complicated feature to do. It would involve significantly re-doing some fairly major parts of both the editor and runtime. Perhaps in the long term.

  • Thanks for the Acknowledge Ashley...Its not a horrible issue..just one of those things that would make really really really super amazing brilliant excellent cool +11 ! you know...haha

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