Can the latest build of C2 export to steam with NW 10.5?

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  • sorry, i think you misunderstood. Im using the latest version of Construct 2. But im using the 10.5 node-webkit exporter (since it's a standalone install i can put 10.5 in there) and all is working fine.

    I see.. I didn't think they supported that.. or it wasn't recommended.. which is why it's so hard to find 10.5 (and it's not on the list of downloads)

    I just checked and it seems I have both 10.5 and 12 installed on my system!

  • No prob! droxon

    In case if anyone is wondering I just tested NW 12.1 - It's worse for me than any previous release. (for me at least) Uses twice the amount of CPU - and is jankier than prior. I assume it's safe to say that since current chrome state is F'd up, any recent version of NW.js is going to exhibit a lot of the same issues. :/

  • I replaced the folder, but I believe that C2 is still exporing with NW 12... because it exported a 64 bit version and from what I understand 10.5 is 32 bit only? perhaps i'm replacing the wrong file

  • no, my 10.5 exports 64 bit versions as well, i dont think they are actually functioning tho cuz i just throw them straight to the trash. i use the linux 64bit build, but thats it.

  • I see, well thanks for info.

    and yes I confirm, my game is running smoother under NW 10.5

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  • droxon, I too had a problem where my system ended up with both versions of NW for C2 in the programs folder and I could not be certain what was going on. The easiest solution I found, was to uninstall everything from scirra (c2 and both of the NW for c2 versions) and then reinstall the latest c2 and the latest NW for c2. Then I simply replaced the x32 version of NW with 10.5.

  • Colludium - that sounds like the best approach I've heard so far. Does it export flawlessly? Can you chose the 32 bit export option?

  • PSI, yes - it's easy (if I can do it....). When you export to NW, c2 will create all NW versions in the export location as sub-folders. So all you have to do is ignore the win64 export folder and use the win32 version for your windows export.

  • Thanks Colludium

  • Colludium - do you just move everything from the Node-Webkit 32 bit folder to the NW 32 bit folder? I just want to make sure I understand you. And yes - thanks!

  • PSI - the only thing you need to move is the nw.exe file; everything else you can leave alone (at least that's what I've been doing without any problems). Most of the files are just duplicates of each other, while c2 adds dxwebsetup.exe and d3dcompiler_46.dll for compatibility reasons. From Ashley's tutorial here

    "When publishing Windows apps, NW.js only supports the faster and more powerful WebGL rendering mode if the latest DirectX runtime components are installed. The exported dxwebsetup.exe file installs these if they are not already present on a user's system. You should ensure this is installed on user's systems before running your project, for example by creating an installer for your game that runs the file as one of the installation steps. " I think that dxwebsetup requires the d3dcompiler dll.

  • Sweet! Thank you!

  • Also, Colludium - I love your game. A monkey throwing poop that makes people explode = genius!

  • > Where can I see which version of NW I'm using?


    Go to your Programs folder where Construct 2 is and look for either NWjsForC2 (10.5 ish) or NodeWebkitForC2 (NW.js 12)

    Thank you I reversed back to 10.5 now but the kiosk mode doesn't work now. So I can't get it to play in fullscreen. What am I missing?

  • There is an NW.js object that you can reference within your event sheet and have it switch to full screen, or I assume you could use the Browser object too, since it's basically the same thing. Anonnymitet

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