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  • To be honest, C2 free edition is actually what made my payment <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    The Trial module of apps should be forbidden now, I'm kind of person that hate downloading something that might ended to uninstall, or bothered with pop up that telling me i should pay or how many days left this kind of irrespective for customers!!, with many options and free apps rising already, I'm afraid your idea might reflect badly on what scirra currently doing..

    GameMaker also support lite version which made it so famous for many indie dev, i also recently heard rpg maker vx ace will support lite edition instead of trial module, this mean they noticed the now-day customers are more aware than yesterday, and their is too much competition at software markets with freebies support..

  • These avatars of the people replying to this thread.... xD

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Anyway, if I was browsing the arcade and some posts on the forums I probably wouldn't be too convinced. There's many other HTML5 engines that are appearing and if they're offering frees, you're hurting yourself. If it had a reputation like Unity does- but it doesn't. Therefore, I see no reason towards jump to a gamble.

    Now a monthly access fee could be something else but, *shrugs*

  • There's a zero percent chance I'd have paid for a license if I hadn't been able to try out the free version first. Every major devkit, even CryEngine, has a free license for noncommercial use.

    I'd whittled my engine options down to Unity3D and Construct 2 through research, and installed both to determine which would best suit my requirements. As it happens, my first two games will almost certainly be made with Construct, and a much more complicated game (fingers crossed) will be made a year or two from now with Unity, but if Unity had been the only kit I could learn for free, I'd be on a completely different forum right now. =P

  • I'm sure games (entertainment) are far different than regular software, but here's some interesting data presented by Jesse Schell at DICE:

    I agree that I probably wouldn't have tried C2 without a free version. Unless there was a trailer that blew my mind.

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  • Index , Well , yours isn't bad either :D

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