Joining new multiplayer room returns blank name?

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  • Those aren't my plugins, they are rexrainbow's. The links are current. Did you copy the whole directory over to the right place?

  • I put both folders into Exporters > HTML 5 > Plugins where the others are. Don't know why these two are not working and show an error message on startup. plugin and rex_date are working fine and I assume its from the same rexrainbow.

  • Here's the Client with the plugins removed. The game obviously won't work, but the lobby stuff is all there.

  • Thank you very much!

    I looked through your code and some parts were confusing for me (leaving room after a left room triggers) but I will try to figure it out and read all of it again.

    After seeing your code with the groups I was curious and just tried to add a System>Wait action and it seems this fixes the whole thing, too!

    In the "On signalling left room" part I just added System>Wait 2 Sek (seems 1 works too) and then I execute the new Join Room command and it finally worked. So it seems you just need a small extra pause after the "Left room" trigger before you can join a new room. But this almost seems like a bug for me since the trigger should only run when you completely left the room, right Ashley?

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  • I reviewed the code, and it looked like you could not in fact join another room in 'On signalling left room'. I've fixed that for the next build. The workaround should be simple, just wait for a brief moment (0.1 seconds should do it).

  • Thanks!

    My head almost exploded because I could not find an error.

    I am looking forward to the next beta build. I love new updates and reading changelogs.

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