I've had a big slowdown in FPS since the start of January

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  • Loaded up a (physics) project today that I last loaded back around the start of January, and it is much slower. Major frame rate drop. Then for the heck of it I through together a platform game with 1 obstacle and 2 collectibles, a platform, a player and 3 background objects. I'm getting about 7 FPS on chrome with WebGL on. If I turn it off WebGL, things are somewhat back to normal, about 50 FPS. I'm running XP, latest chrome, latest drivers for my Nvidia card, Pentium 4, 3.2 GHZ single core. I tried both aps in Firefox and both run slightly better than in Chrome, but not much better, not acceptably better anyway.

    The more I think about this, the more I'm sure it's something to do with my PC, and not Construct2 itself. Any suggestions?

  • Chrome 32 and node webkit currently have a performance problem, chrome/chromium 33 fixes it.

  • Chrome stable is still on version 32, but beta 33 just came out about a week ago. I upgraded and it's been working fine for me (tho, I didn't have any problems with 32).


    Has a new javascript engine overhaul that runs some compilation on a separate thread. This really helps eliminate jittering and 'jank' in my project(that's why i upgraded).

  • now I understand why my latest app works better on mobile with CocoonJS than on my Chrome

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  • Things seem pretty much back to normal with Chrome 33, thank you Arima and TiAm.

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