Issues updating game due to Offline Appcache

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  • Ashley   

    This is actually the first time I am posting on any issues relating to Construct 2. I apologize if this is not the correct area of the forum for this. First let me say that I think that C2 has been the best thing for me since slice bread. It is an awesome engine!   However, I have a major problem with the offline appcache feature. I am not sure how many people create games that use this feature-Maybe I am ignorant on this topic. But sometimes I waste an entire day trying to clear the history in order to upload an updated version of my game. I have read the many posts about ways to clear the browser to update files etc. I have also noted the suggestions and none of them work 100% of the time. So my question to the developers: Is it really necessary to include this feature in the export? Is it possible to make this an option when exporting?   Otherwise, can you please advise me on the proper way to upload an updated file without having to continuously delete history.

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