iOS publishing via Intel XDK experts needed

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  • I'm still struggling with the store listing problem.

    From the last tests I've made, in the following capx :

    the store listing is always successful! It doesn't either wait for me to log on with my sandbox account! As long as I am connected, the Store Listing immediately success. Actually it doesn't even wait for me to touch the sprite!

    In my second test, I took the exact same capx, but added a first layout with a sprite object. Touching the sprite objet leads to the above layout.

    On this layout the only difference is that I checked 2 has product conditions then (on the same level, not as a sub-event of the "has product" ) I set text to "success" and go to layout 2

    In this case, the "Request store listing" never has a reply. i.e. it never succes and never fails.

    So that's about it. I'm still unable to find the correct way to check if the store listing is succesful or not. Depending on the way my event are placed it may succeed, fail or never get an response. Even if I put "request store listing" at the start of layout, on the first layout, in some other tests, the store listing never has a response.

    Does anyone knows what are the exact requirements to have the store listing succeed?

    cranberrygame ? Ashley?

  • Rable hey Rable I'm facing the same problem as you. I am assuming the problem is you need to get your IAP Products approved from the iOS Review Board, did you already got your products approved?

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  • ondraayyy The problem was simply the space after each comma in the "Add Product IDs" action. There shouldn't be any space in there.

    Once corrected, it passed Apple's approval without problem and is working fine.

  • Rable i managed to get the IAP to work using Phonegap IAP from cranberry. Thanks for your response though...

  • I am planning to enter the iOS platform. Been on Windows and ANdroid till now.

    Would be great if someone could point me to an article than completely covers building C2 for iOS. I am a totaly newbie to iOS

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