iOS exporters a sad situation.

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  • Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to give it a try.

  • Three cheers for ludei ;)

  • Hey All,

    I just wanted to take a second to address 0plus1's concerns:

    We do support IAP. Please refer to

    We do not support Game Center; playMobi is our solution that is meant to provide similar features in a cross-platform fashion. Please refer to . We also have a Scirra plugin already made that can be found here:

    We do not support iAds. We investigated them early on and it didn't seem like they would be a viable revenue stream for our users. If someone were to make a case otherwise, we would consider taking another look.

    With regard to some of the other comments about flexibility and extensibility in this thread, we do support plugins. Please refer to .

    0plus1 mentioned that there are a large number of pre-written phonegap plugins available; it shouldn't be too hard to take the source code for a phonegap plugin and port it to an appMobi plugin.

    In short, we support IAP, we don't support iAds, we offer playMobi in place of GameCenter support and appMobi plugins enable user-defined extensions.

  • Great news Ludei!

    I would have even paid money for the launcher.

    Now I just need to uninstall my other version from you :)

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  • So with the soon to come 100th release of Construct 2 plus CocoonJS and AppMobi we have the best overall game maker engine.

    Since both of this "exporters" get closer to provide easy freemium solutions, wich, are more or less the only monetizable road for html5 games (beside cross-fingers with canned apps on the stores). The only frontier to go is Facebook integration, to their appcenter i say.

    If i had a cup in my hand i would rise it to all of you for giving us your amazing softwares. ("all of you" read C2 team, appmobi's and CocoonJs)

  • Free.

    My favorite word. CocoonJS is really doing an amazing job, doing what it does, and providing it for free.

  • I've never used CocoonJS or AppMobi, can someone explain me (just a short "summary") how it will work with the enhanced r100 exports?

    Will I have to have a mac to export or something, as any iOS developers?

    Will it be easy to install and launch a game made with C2 on an iOS device? What the difference between an app developed with C2 and a native app? Possible to put it on the AppStore with a develop account? In-app purchase, GameCenter and other features ?

    How will it work..??

    Sorry to ask such silly questions, but I'm so... lost :o

  • Ragtime: no matter what platform you develop on, you need to have an Apple developer account to export for iOS.

    I'm happy to pay for a service that can wrap my C2 app for app stores. These guys need to make money somehow!

  • Rory Just to note, appMobi IS free! We just released our new pricing model today. Until you make money with your app, we don't charge you. And if you make less with your game then what you owe, we only charge you half of the amount you made.

    So if you make a game and it has 100,000 users ( dream big :D ) and you owe $9,000 but only make $400, we only charge you $200. We really don't want indie developers to get into situations where they are losing money with their games. This example is assuming you're using are cloud services (push notifications, analytics, IAP, Ads, etc.). If you don't integrate with them at all, it's just FREE :)

    Heres a link to our pricing:

  • Thanks for the news Tyler, I'll be sure to give appMobi a go if I work on a game to export to iOS. It sounds like a good deal.

  • AppmobiTyler Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I stand corrected for IAP and I'm very happy about it, I also saw the plugin system, but there is a general lack of documentation available and the process as far as I understand would be:

    Xcode->upload to appmobi->test.

    It seems a little time consuming vs just testing in PhoneGap.

    In general you are offering a very good product, but the road you have taken is scaring me as a developer.

    Granted that this is just my opinion, I don't want to sound rude, but I think that you are pushing your platform too hard, which services that nobody really need.

    Why should I go through your one touch platform for IAP when the Xcode api is perfect? What if your platform is down? What if Apple changes policy?

    There is Game Center and open feint that 99% of developer use successfully and with the new iOS6 changes will become more and more a staple, then google is developing his own version of Game Center, do we really need another web api that nobody cares about? Not because is not good, but because Game Center is so omnipresent that it's almost impossible to monetize a game on iOS without it.

    I agree about iADS, the thing is that they are tied to the apple account which means that the income comes from the same source and in turn there are less problems with taxes returns, and in any case it's a good thing to be able to choose.

    I may use your platform, but I'll never give you a single euro because you are selling stuff I don't need, if you would make a "pro" version of the online building system that supports Game Center, (direct) IAP and iADS with maybe even a c2 plugin for these plus the ability to control the version of my app and I would pay for the service immediately, and rest assure that other "serious" developer would follow.

    You could even just do the plugins yourself converting these ( / /, I really think that in this arms race for an html wrapper will win the first to offer native solutions.

    I have a ready to sell game that is already compiled in PG2, the performance is good but it overheats the phone, I would really like to use your platform, but currently I can, because for me Game Center is too important for the success of a game to ignore.

    Thanks for the attention.

  • 0plus1

    I want to preface this response with the acknowledgement that we aren't the solution for everyone :) I just wanted to address the reasoning behind our services and how dependable they are.

    The idea behind appMobi is to get out of the platform specific code. One code base should be all you need to go everywhere. At appMobi we make this our top priority to let developers get to the most platforms from one code base. Our services reflect that sentiment.

    Game Center is iOS specific. playMobi is a badge/leaderboard system that allows your users to compete from different devices and platforms onto one scoreboard. So Kindle users and iPhone users can compete against each other. It also makes the cross platform saves seem more seamless as the leaderboard doesn't have to change between devices (if you want platform specific leaderboards, you can make them also with playMobi). The code doesn't change, you write it once and the leaderboards/badges work everywhere. HTML5!

    We suggest you use 1Touch because when you build for iOS, 1Touch uses the native iPhone purchase system. Then when you build for Android, it uses the native Android payment system. You only integrate with 1touch then in our build system we recognize what platform we are on and make it integrate with the native payment system for that platform so the user is non the wiser. So again, you write once and we take care of the rest.

    In your development,our services may not be for you, but push messaging,IAP system, and analytics simply do statistically increase user engagement and profit. Again, if you don't want to use them, appMobi is completely free to deploy your game with!

    As for our platform's reliability, all of our services are distributed through Amazon S3, so unless Amazon's servers go down (which would effect MANY companies), we'll always be up and running.

    I think you're idea for a "Pro account" is a good one and I'll send that up the ladder to see if that's something we'd have the resources to do.

    This is a great discussion and I'm really excited to see r100 come out with full DC support. It's awesome to see that the Construct 2 community is full of passionate developers itching to prove that HTML5 is a game changer.(PUNS!)



  • AppmobiTyler I think that you are right, and appmobi is nice, the phylosophy of the project (that until now I didn't understand) is good and I'm actually reconsidering my position.

    The cross platform leaderboards can be nice actually, and a selling point, BUT why don't you make something similar to what you did with IAP (which is awesome) to handle leaderboards from both Game Center, Open Feint and the Android Game Center (when will be released) from the same codebase? This will allow you to sell your services and will make people like me very happy..

  • Right now we are focused on getting DC working fully on Android and improving the usability of our platform, but that has come up in our long term road-map discussions. I'll be sure to bring up that the game dev community is also reflecting that demand next meeting we have. Thanks for sharing your opinion,it's always important to know what the community wants.

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