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  • just FYI


    Now is the best time of year to submit your Android apps to the Amazon Appstore to make them available for the all-new Android-based Kindle Fire HDX.

    The week after Christmas, customers purchased and downloaded 600% more apps than average during the year.

    Register Now

    It?s easy to get started as 75% of the Android tablet apps tested by Amazon already work on Kindle Fire without any extra development.

    Amazon also has a tool that quickly ensures your apps have the best chance of passing both Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire compatibility testing. All you need to do is drop your Android APK in the tool and Amazon will do the testing and get you ready to submit your app.

    Now is the time to add your apps to the new Kindle Fire HDX.

    Get Free Ad Impressions and Enhanced Merchandising on the Amazon Appstore!

    With the recent launch of the Appstore Developer Select program, you can automatically qualify for 500,000 mobile ad impressions, enhanced merchandising on the Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Coins incentives for customers who purchase your app or in-app items.

    It?s easy to get started:

    1. Register for a free developer account today on the Amazon App Distribution Portal.

    2. Test your Android app here then submit it here.

    3. Learn how Appstore Developer Select can help you promote your app here.

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  • I just read further, 500.000 free mobile banner ads seems nice (Appstore Developer Select), especially for young devs, but it also has some requirements like:

    Amazon Services Adoption: Apps must exclusively use the Amazon In-App Purchasing (IAP) API (if your app enables in-app purchasing of supported digital products) and use on a non-exclusive basis Amazon Mobile Ads API (if your app presents ads). Games must integrate with GameCircle, including WhisperSync for Games and at least one of Leaderboards or Achievements.

  • Yeah, I have an app on amazon, but if you figure out how to integrate gamecircle, and the other amazon specific API's let me know. We have no plugins for C2 that I have found that support all of these, though cocoonjs supports amazon, I have yet to see any amazon specific API's for gamecircle, etc...

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