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  • Hi,

    I've followed Ashley's tutorial to publish my game ( ... -crosswalk) but i couldn't make the game run. It is running normally with construct 2, but after exporting to cordova and importing to intel XDK the only file i see bellow the project tab is index.html. The emulator just shows me a black screen. I've tried to run the game directly from the cordova exported folder using the index.html file and it didn't worked as well, same black screen. That is why, i think, it isn't running on the emulator, or to be precise it is running but only shows a black screen.

    Other thing source directory is empty. I really don't know if it should be like this, but i have filled all the information (project info [except source directory], build settings, launch icons and splash screen). Only android (crosswalk) is selected on hybrid mobile app build settings and only Chrome on web and packaged app targets.

    May anyone help me with that please? I'm using intel XDK 2727.

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