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  • Hello guys, I truly hope someone can help me as I sought help everywhere, including from Cranberry who is not responding. Probably a busy guy. Anyhow, I lost over a week on this one and I know this might not be (or it might be) connected to Construct itself, but I thought I'd give a shot here.

    Anyhow, Cranberries plugins mostly work and I have the same constant problem when exporting. Thing is, I am trying to export a game that has both Cranberry plugin (Phonegap Facebook and / or Facebook Share) and when done individually, it works. However, as soon as I ad Admob or Vungle / Revmob I face a build error. It's about the dependency problem and multiple dex error. I can't make XDK accept these multiple ones and I tried literally every other plugin on XDK and the one Construct uses. So far, I managed to export it using the cordova-plugin-facebook4, but there is no log-in info or anything related to facebook that works. So I beg you, if anyone knows how to solve this.

    I've been to Cranberries Google Plus too, where he explains what to do to solve the build error, however it's about the google play games plugin, not the Facebook one, so I don't think that work. I need both the log-in and the ads, is there any alternative to the facebook plugin or anything else? Thank you.

    (Latest drivers, latest XDK and Construct 2, Cranberry plugin's purchased a week ago. Windows 8.1 x64)

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  • AlmostDigital i was having a similar issue so I removed Facebook plugin and I use the browser object and open in a new window. To figure out what I needed for a URL, I used the following site and it works great.

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