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  • I posted a bug, and Ashley provided this advide:

    [quote:s2uksauq]Thanks, should be fixed in the next build. However for style reasons I would strongly advise you do not use includes in groups!

    I shouldn't reply in the closed bug section, so I'll post my question here:

    I include all my event sheets in one event sheet, which I point to in my main layout. It provides a good overview, and it seems to be a convenient way to organize and deactivate a collection of event sheets (I use it for instance when presenting certain full screen overlays to the player or running separate minigames).

    Would a recommended way be, to encapsulate every event sheet in a group, and then for instance deactivate a selected part of them, in a function call?

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  • I didn't know this bug existed. Thanks for pointing it out. I always put my event sheet includes at the very top of a sheet, followed by global variables, then the events of the sheet. I don't think encapsulating every single event sheet include in its own group is going to make matters easier. I don't see why you shouldn't disable groups with includes on them in mass after Ashley fixes the bug. What you can do until then is put all the events in each event sheet in a group I guess which would look way more tidy and disable them from there. Or even just ignore that part if you can and work on something else until Ashley gets the ball rolling on this.

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