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  • Ola povo Construct!.

    Sou iniciante em pixel-Art (Art 2D), e gostaria da opini�o de voc�s, oque seria uma boa escolha para come�ar, uma moeda(simples), ou um personagem(complexo). Com qual tipo eu aprenderia mais r�pido e teria um melhor rendimento proveito do mesmo?.

    Hello people construct.

    I would like opinions of what would be best to start with something simple, or a complex thing?.

    With which of the two options, I would have a good beginning and a good study?.

    Thank you all.

  • eae Jeovane blz o/

    here some tutorial for starters

    <img src="" border="0">

    the secret is to start making simple animations too, 3~4 frames just so you can feel how the characters/sprites will move on screen and how you can implement then in your game; try to make it 1:1 scale and

    set the right options to avoid some nasty stuff:

    full screen off or integer scale, sampling- point and pixel round- ON

  • Why not try vector-animations? Gives you a lot more possibilities :-)

  • What is best to try is really only up to how comfortable you feel with your own skills. Tons of links to tutorials have been posted to these forums already, just search and browse through them and you'll find some good stuff.

    What I would suggest though, is to not fixate on merely learning "pixel art", but learn the concepts that are important to pixel art. Namely, drawing fundamentals, volume and color theory. These apply no matter which style or medium you end up using, so learning that and then moving on to pixel specific techniques like proper AA, avoiding jaggies and proper dithering, will go a long way.

    Beaverlicious - I can argue with you about whether or not vectors give more possibilities or not (my stance is, nor more or less than pixel art) but that's not the topic, so I don't know why you brought it up in the first place.

  • I brought it up, because I think that you limit yourself with focussing on pixel art.

    With vector animations, you can do what you want....even pixel-look-alike animations.

    With pixel art you can hardly do any highres animations.

    That�s just my point of view, don�t want to argue with any pixel-friends :) Cherrio!

  • The only way to really limit yourself is by subscribing to the idea that any one medium is inherently better than any other. You can do great stuff with pixels and you can do great things with vectors.

  • Thank you all!. Soon, I'll show's pixel art.

    Obrigado a todos!.Em breve, eu mostrarei art's pixel.

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  • Ola gente, eu fiz uma moeda.

    P�rem n�o tenho permiss�o, postar links!.Assim que permitido, eu posto a moeda.

    Obrigado a todos, pela aten��o e pelas dicas!.Agora eu penso em fazer, um foguete espacial!.

    Hello guys, I did a coin.

    But I do not have permission to post links!.Once allowed, I put the coin.Thank you all for your attention and for the tips!.

    Now I think about making a space rocket!.


    The link to the coin.

  • New itens on the site. Please do not laugh kkkkk.

  • Well, as I said, the next is the space rocket.

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