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  • "If one asks a question, one's not yet ready for the answer".

    Why not ?

    (sorry I couldn't resist )

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  • I try to hold my tongue most of the time, but wow OP, you've got a bad attitude!

    There is an endless supply of information on these forums. People go out of their way to give help in the best way they can, but sometimes (as has been mentioned in this thread a few times), it just get a bit much: people asking the same old questions because they are too lazy to do a search for the answers. So many people come along and want to be spoon-fed, they don't want "help", and that kind of approach does very little to inspire assistance.

    Between the existing knowledge-base, the tutorials and the manual, I'd guess that 95% of questions asked here every day have already been resolved. People simply don't look for those answers, and most of the time the people of that sort are just here to make a quick buck by flooding mobile stores with second-rate clones. It's infuriating to say the least.

    I admin another forum but find myself on these forums far more often, because it's such an engaging and helpful community. For OP to come along and claim otherwise is actually pretty insulting.

  • Geo has it right, Scirra has a helpful and friendly community.

    I am a member of a few other forums, and they are mostly filled with trolls and flamers.

    I myself have been guilty of asking questions that are in the documentation, but what makes this forum great, is that rather than insult you and discourage, the members will often give an answer. Even if that answer is just "Try using the 'Dictionary' object type." That is enough to point a person in the right direction.

    Also it is a forum, which means that the questions might sit for some time and may not ever be answered.

    That is just the nature of how forums work.

    There is a good article to read here that has more about that:

  • Hey guys, sorry for this bad attitude, I guess I have over-reacted about my last post asking help, In my turn I always try to help beginners when I know the answers. So please don't get sad from me.

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