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  • I've read C2's online manual in its entirety and started constructing a simple Shooter Game to get very familiar with it. I've found several of the games in the Scirra Arcade very entertaining, addictive and inspirational.

    I must say that I'm very impressed with C2's non-coding approach, although its taking me way longer to get used to then I'd like to admit. I often find myself looking for the CODE button to jump into the code. The more, I play with the C2 Editor, dragging and dropping objects into the layouts, the easier it is to visualize it as Visual Editor for organizing entire web pages. (Yes I know it's not its primary function, but, it doesn't mean it should not be capitalized on)

    Anyways, don't expect anything fancy visually with my first game. Once its complete, I'm certain I'll have a solid strategy for developing the Constructicon Wordpress Theme.


    Joannesalfa I'm still interested in collaborating on the Wordpress Theme github project?

  • techlord I'm sorry, i didn't notice this thread before.

    Yes, i am interesed, so i have no experience about

    Pm me for contacts

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  • I would personally focus more on the game side of things with Construct 2 and use tools designed for web for websites. Take a look at Adobe Edge.

    First time visitors are going to have to download a whole JavaScript game engine just to view some visual effects. From a user perspective that's a bad move.

  • thehen

    Adobe Edge is designed to make HTML5 animations, especially cut scenes.

    I have no idea how to integrate adobe edge animation canvas on inside of C2

  • Ah looking through it seems you want to make some sort of website/game hybrid. As long as the games are the content, and not peripheral to the content, then I guess C2 makes sense.

    I was suggesting Edge as an alternative to C2 for this type of project, though if they are games and not just visual effects, C2 makes sense.

  • thehen

    C2 is special would make interactive content site against Flash.

    What if anyone wants WebGL effects?

  • Ah looking through it seems you want to make some sort of website/game hybrid. As long as the games are the content, and not peripheral to the content, then I guess C2 makes sense. anticipate them being both. However, at this juncture I have no solid idea how things will turn out as it will require R&D. I have a good feeling compelling me to pursue this.

    PS: Mortar Melon looks like fun! Unfortunately, I cannot run it on XP.

  • Hi,

    Glad that you were able to follow the progress of research I was doing into this field using C2.

    In the end, I found a great solution using a hybrid of 2 other pieces of software to achieve great results. I plan on integrating C2 content using iframes to future websites for "game" oriented interactivity and will use the other software for the primary website construction.

    Both software were very inexpensive (fifty AUD each) and are a great companion to C2.

    The first piece of software is called WYSIWYG Web Builder. There are a lot of imitation web builders out there but the 1 that has it exactly like I wrote it was the 1 I downloaded. You don't have to even buy it really... you can use another WYSIWYG website creation software that's open source called KompoZer 0.7.7

    I used that initially to delete the blueprints from out of my pages once I was happy with their layout.

    Then for interactive panels where I wanted small file size (google crawable) content.. I added iframe elements and used

    Hippo HTML Animator   to produce this content.

    Hippo exported an animation that I tried to replicate using adobe flash and other SWF compilers as well in the long journey to find it at the smallest file size out of them all.

    Using adobe and other flash exporters for the swf format .. I was able to produce a 214kb file

    Using another HTML 5 animation software Quicker SWF Animator, I produced a 6 MB file

    Using Hippo, I produced a 202kb file. I shocked me that it was slightly smaller than the SWF equivalent.

    Anyway, hippo is still young in it's development but has a very active dev and community backing it which was helpful to me. If you're doing a single project, I'd recommend just grabbing a demo of it from their site and building the basic animation / interactive content with this.. you get 30 days before it becomes useless so if you're a fast worker, you'll get it all done before you need to even consider buying it should you be so inclined. I was so amazed I just had to own it haha.

    AND... once that's done you can complete the interactivity by taking it above and beyond both of these pieces of software using Construct 2. Together all these 3 pieces of software allow the most creative ... NON-Programmers in the world to generate professional and fast loading content.

    Man I love how technology has allowed all types of people to enter the brave new world of truly interactive web page development!

  • Hi Jax, thanks for sharing your experience and insight on this topic. I researched the software packages (Hippo HTML Animator & KompoZer) you mentioned. Designing the Constructicon Theme to be compatible with a WYSIWYG Web Builder would be nice, however, I would only use it internally to design the Themes Layout. I could see a purpose for Kompozer in this regard. However, I cannot quite place how I would use Hippo as a HTML5 animator.

    I would prefer to master one application and I believe Construct 2 can handle all of tasks mention: layout design and animation. I will not rule out any extra applications at this time. It will be dependent on the restrictions of the Wordpress API.

  • It's been a while since I posted in forums, but, progress with Arcade Komodo Online (web portal) development has been steady for the past two weeks. Although, it may not be very exciting visually, the screenshot below is my current state of progress with TournamentBlitz Content Management System Wordpress Plugin. The TBCMS WP Plugin is designed to communicate with the Arcade Komodo UDK Soft Console via Game Server Control Protocol (GSCP) TCPLink. TBCMS manages Arcade Komodo tournament events and services.

    <center><img src="" border="0"></center>

    Of course, the above is the administrative back-end and it will follow the traditional WP admin theme. Following the WP Plugin, is development on a unique WP Theme specifically for Arcade Komodo Online. A Wordpress Theme powered by Construct 2, that integrates HTML5 Games directly into Arcade Komodo Online to provide an additional layer of Tournament Arcade Game play to compliment Soft Console Game Modules (UDK).

    If you're interested in keep up to date with the progress on the entire project go visit here.

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