Html5 game from May works, but newer version crashes

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  • When I play either on my android phone, the newer version crashes.

    Here is my game back in May, I think I was using version r244 of construct 2.

    Since then, added a lot, new characters, music, more sounds, and exported using r246 html5:

    I took out most of the main menu stuff, and took out preload, and the game will still crash like 30 seconds into the menu, or instantly crash if you try to play.

    Before I go through the trouble of downgrading to 244, is it something else causing the crashes, or did the game get too big?

    Is there some solution, like putting No to high resolution DPI(would that decrease load times and increase performance on mobile??)

    When turned into an android apk using either cocoon or phonegap, crashes at the same points the html5 version does.

  • What do you mean by "crashes"? What exactly happens? If there is an error message what does it say? Have you checked the browser error console?

  • Ashley When I run the newer game, from either the cocoon or phonegap apk, it will get as far as the menu, or sometimes load the start of the level, then it just abruptly quits and goes back to the Android desktop without any sort of error warning.

  • Ashley Is there any way to send you the capx file without having to post it publicly?

  • If the app closes it usually means the browser has crashed, since it's not normally possible for any of our Construct code to do that. So there's probably not much we can do about it. You might want to file a bug with Google instead (at

  • Ashley Thank you. I'll do that, but since I need to release my game immediately, is there any reccomended workarounds? Like perhaps I should take out any webgl effects or use loader layout? Or perhaps I should simplify the game further and take out browser plugin related stuff??

    Some kind of minimum of features that ensures stability.

    Edit: Or perhaps downgrading to a version previous to the latest build and using Canvas+ for some kind of stability despite it being recently deprecated.

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  • I don't know why it's crashing, sorry. If it only affects your device you could release anyway. I wouldn't recommend using Canvas+, it has not been supported for over two years.

  • Ashley Oh okay, I see. I thought Canvas+ would give stability in trade for performance speed. At least, as a temporary work around until Google gets their fecal mattter together.

  • Ashley Ok, I tried a version made with release 247 and after making a build now when playing from browser, when the screen goes black, google gives the message "Rats, WebGL hit a snag, Reload?"

    And I found a working apk from July that is stable and doesn't crash. It's from before I had put music in the game, and an enemy that constantly uses the webgl supported wave effect in it's animation.

    I feel close now to finding the problem. I will test with WebGL disabled, then test again with music removed to see if it's one, the other, or both.

  • Ashley The results of the test so far:

    Cocoon IO:

    With WebGL off: Still crashed at level load.

    Webview and Webview+: Still crashed at same point.

    Canvas+: Only version that didn't crash, performance as smooth as on desktop. The only drawback is that the screen is shrunk and takes up only the lower left quarter of the screen. Touch buttons are still mapped to where they should be on screen despite shrunken image.

    Perhaps the reason Canvas+ has 1/5th the performance of Webview is due to being a more stable for certain games like mine?

    PhoneGap: Behaved similarly to the webview version of Cocoon, in that it crashed at the same spot, right after the main menu, when the level is loading after hitting play. PG has waaayyy faster load time than Cocoon though. While Cocoon took 10 to 15 seconds, PG went through the load bar in 3 to 5 seconds.

    No Browser plugin: Still crashed on webview/+ Cocoon and PG.

    So I can only assume that something in the playable level of the game is responsible for the crashes. I can't think of any culprit other than that layout has the most assets.

    Everything else in the game works on all versions, going through the info/tutorial pages does not cause crashing, leaving it on the menu for a minute doesn't result in crashing.

    So it definitely is something in the level. In conclusion, the only solution would be to make a new empty level from scratch, and include minimal stuff in it.

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