HTML5 game crashing on iPad?

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  • I just finished making a new HTML5 mobile game(Or so I thought).

    I tried loading it on my iPad via Safari(The game is hosted on Dropbox) and during the Construct Loading screen, Safari crashes and closes.

    Here is some performance info about the game:

    1.7mb download size(I also tried without the music which brought it lower) as it says in the bottom right corner of the editor, the full HTML5 export is a bit over 2 mb.

    Memory usage(As shown in the bottom right corner) - Approx 7.7 mb

    That is low size/memory usage...

    What might be causing the problem is perhaps the amount of events I have(Says 369), but I also had another game which I finished a couple of weeks ago and that one had a bit over 330...

    The first screen is one which shows my logo and loads save data(Local storage). This is what I do for every game.

    Any idea what might be wrong?

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  • It's a Safari bug if the browser crashes. You should report it to Apple.

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