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  • even if the game is cached forever, with every small update it needs to download the whole game again, am i right?

    No, it will only download the changed files and save them to disk. It will not download any files that have not changed. So you can even have a 100mb game, and updating a single 10kb file every few days will only download the new .appcache file (a few kb) and the single changed file. Browsers aren't that dumb, they won't waste all your bandwidth :)

    In other words I believe it automatically works exactly how you want already, and you do not need to do anything special at all.

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  • OMG, that's awesome! Thank you so much!


    Something that i read on

    "Note: Browsers may have different size limits for cached data (some browsers have a 5MB limit per site)."


    "Application cache is supported in all major browsers, except Internet Explorer."

    That's something i need to be worried?

  • Internet explorer is awful on many levels. It needs to die.

  • The 5mb limit applies only to WebStorage I think, although iOS and some other platforms may prompt if you store "a lot" (25mb+ ish). Usually the user just needs to OK it and it will run.

    IE10 supports the app cache, but IE9 doesn't, which is a bit annoying. It should still load most resources from the normal cache, but it might re-download in future if its cache expires. App cache fixes that and IE10 should work fine.

  • I think it may have been mentioned, but I would check your browser settings if you find your cache is being refreshed. Unless the previous games you've played are coded to re-download old data, you may find the storage limitations placed by browsers are causing the extra download burden.

    Alternatively, a fresh pack of real playing cards can last a life time. However, try not to bend them, else pain will follow. :(

  • I am new to construct 2 and hence would like to ask about exporting it to html 5 .

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