Help Me Please! How do AutoSave ?

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  • Hello Friends

    How can I create a system autosave and autoload, because I want to make a rpg game, but do not want to make the save shape button (save and load precionando a button), I need to close the application and open it again, this where everything is left



    Como puedo crear un sistema de autoguardar y autocargar, por que quiero hacer un juego rpg, pero no quiero hacer el guardado de la forma de boton (guardar y cargar precionando un boton), necesito que al cerrar la aplicacion y abrir de nuevo, este todo donde se deja


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  • If you are talking about the autosave system of C2 where you can autosave/backup your project then go to the editor's properties.

    If you want to create a hidden auto-save system for your game your best bet would be to use either local storage or custom created JSON files for storing the information. If you aim your game for the HTML5 platform (so if you plan to run it from a browser) go with the first. If it's going to be a standalone desktop game, go with the latter.

  • pero, el LocalStorage, me sirve para guardar los datos de punto de inicio, ejemplo, al cerra el juego, el personaje quedo en el nivel 2, Al abrir de nuevo el juego el personaje se quedara hay don lo deje, o empezara todo de nuevo?

    but the LocalStorage, I used to store data starting point, example, cerra the game, the character remain at level 2, you re-open the game the character to stay there don leave, or start all over new?

  • mi juego que estoy creando sera para ios y android, pero necesito al guardar o cargar, pero al iniciar sesion con una cuenta se cargue lo que esta avanzado

    I am creating my game for ios and android will be, but I need to save or load, but to login with an account to charge what is advanced

  • I don't really understand anything from you answers, sorry. If you want to store user progress, localstorage is perfect for that.

  • ok thanks

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