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    Hi, I need to capture a sequence that I have programmed and uploaded to

    I want to make a video for my game with sound using the sequence but I don't have a 1080p capturer.

    Can anyone take the capture for me and send it to me or upload it to a server so that I can download it?

    The sequence lasts between 40 and 50 seconds approx.

    You just have to put full screen (F11) and capture the sequence, nothing more !, I would appreciate it very much.

    I've tried OBS but ... I can't get 1080p at 60fps with some webGL effects. I have also tried the C2 plugin to capture the canvas but the quality is not very good.

    Well, I'm checking that my problem is due to my graphics card (GT 440, something old), so someone with a more powerful card can do it.

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