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  • I was just thinking, because I work in a team of people who don't live near each other, I'm often having them get builds from Dropbox.

    I don't want to have them open up C2 and break things. I was wondering if anyone ever thought of having some command line features in C2 Paid. This would allow me to leave the hard part of getting new builds on them. Plus I don't have to pass around huge Exes.

    c:\> Construct2.exe -export Desktop -log output.log -file c:\...\temp.cjprog

    Building project.....

    Project Built........


    c:\> Construct2.exe -SetBuildNumber "1.0.1012" -file c:\...\temp.cjprog

    Build Number updated.....

    Thoughts? Ideas? Just tossing it out there.

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  • If you want a free application for all of your projects try Mercurial from google, or Subversion:


    It will keep everyone up to date, and it will make so there are restore points. iirc, the downloads are really small too, it only updates the bits you need, not the entire package.

  • I would absolutely love this. The applications are immense, especially considering that you could modify the XML files that construct generates via some other source and have it spit out a game, or even a construct file. In fact, if the compiler is decoupled from the IDE, we can have some sort of server-side generated content... wow, I'm getting a ton of ideas, out of such a simple feature!

    This absolutely has to be a paid version feature, I fully agree there, there's just too much potential for abuse.

    This is brilliant! Ashley?

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