Graphics in Chrome are ugly

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  • Have you absolutely tried updating your graphics card drivers?

  • Looks OK here. Is it running on WebGL or Canvas ?

  • Further to what said, does setting 'Enable WebGL' to 'Off' in project properties affect anything?

    It's very odd, because Chrome is using the same code as all the other browsers, but judging by the pictures it appears to be rendering at 2x or 4x smaller resolution and using bilinear resize (which makes it look blurry) to full size...

  • It sounds like video card issue with Chrome, for.... some odd reason.

  • it looks good here too

  • Does anything else look odd in Chrome? Have you tried creating other suff in C2 and testing them?Yes, pretty much everything looks blurry.

    Have you absolutely tried updating your graphics card drivers?Yup. But since I only have this problem in Chrome I think its not the fault of my graphics card drivers...

    Looks OK here. Is it running on WebGL or Canvas ?WebGL is on. I turned it off to see if there were any changes and the graphics got the same as in IE. So I guess I'll be running my game with WebGL turned off. Does this affect anything else?

  • So the problem is with your Graphics Card. What model is it ?

  • So the problem is with your Graphics Card. What model is it ?

    It's an Intel? HD Graphics

  • I've noticed the same problem when upgraded to the latest unstable version of Construct as well. Semi-old graphic drivers too.

  • Julmust - old graphics card drivers are the #1 cause of problems with Construct 2. Have you tried updating them?

  • Yeah I'm sure that might fix the problem, I'm just thinking that it's not unreasonable for players to have semi-old graphics drivers (~3-6 months old).

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  • hmm, there is no new driver for my integrated intel notebook graphic chip. The last update, that is compatible with my card is 2 years old :)

    I think it is time for a new Laptop ;)

  • Intel integrated chips are well known for being very problematic. Specially for them it's crucial to have the bleeding edge drivers. If it doesn't solve the problem then there's nothing to do i believe. These days the first thing i look in a laptop is if it has a dedicated graphics card. Even if you're not going to play anything and doing simple games, they're much more reliable. Even then i'm still coding in my desktop machine :)

  • No its not, intel is fine except some GMA cards which actually was sh*tty powervr chips

    Tried on few nvidias (8xxx, 2xx, 4xx and 5xx) and intel hd 3 and 4 mobile cards - looks sh*tty in chrome and same sh*tty in any other free browser i have both on gnu and win with open and closed drivers. Absolutley no differences.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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