GooglePlay and IntelXDK destroyed my game!!!

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  • After publishing my 1st game which takes a lot of time and pain, I received an alert (insecure openSSL thing), same alert i got from intel xdk telling me not to use Crosswalk version 7 to compile !!!

    so what i supposed to do ?! what is my fault ?!

    compiling with Crosswalk 10 (that resolves the openSSL issue) has a very dramatic effect on fps, dropped from average 45 fps to less than 10 fps.

    for 3 days i tried every thing day and night, nothing helped.

    So i've been forced to upload a new APK that has a very poor performance in both fps and image quality because i disabled "High dpi" option to gain some performance

    The average fps of the game now is about 20 vs 45 before with Crosswalk 7

    I just need an updated version of Crosswalk 7 with no OpenSSL issue.

    Crosswalk 10 is a disaster, and i don't know what is the purpose of creating it?! dropping fps of games in such a way that make them unplayable ?!

    My game called "Propaganda" on Google play (icon attached with this post)

    the previous version (built with Crosswalk 7 option in Intel XDK) you can download from\Propaganda_v2.apk

    compare both versions and tell me what do you think.

    I'm so upset, and i really love C2 and its way of programming but i can't publish my game on GooglePlay any more

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  • I just uploaded another Crosswalk 7 version intro production, and I'll ignore GooglePlay Alert, I've no choice, , early reviews from testers on Crosswalk 10 version of my game was horrible !

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