What is going on behind all those third party wrappers ?

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  • For example: CocoonJS, you upload your zipped up HTML [Awesome Construct ;p] and then it MAGICALLY create this apk file without you having to generate your own *.p12 files.

    I have been developing for Android and iOS using Flash for the past five years and recently try to create my first app in Construct 2.

    There is much questions from all these "Magic" that I am seeing.

    What if you want to "update" your Android app ?

    In Flash, it is ok, because you are using your own generated *.p12 file and using the same com.companyname.appname App ID crap.

    But...now I went back to cloud.ludei.com and edit the compiled file...I don't see how you can upload an updated version under the same com.companyname.appname.

    Am I thinking too much ?

    Could it be that I have to create a new project for even a 0.0.1 version update ?

    Can it be under the same com.companyname.appname App ID crap ?

    This is all very new to me...

    I am a little scared...felt like going back to Flash for comfort ;p

    I paid for Construct 2 by the way, Worth EVERY CENT

  • I am not an expert on how it all works but I think the wrappers simply work by putting you app in a browser and make it act like a stand alone program. Kind of anyway.

    With regards to updating your app this is done when you sign your apk file after compiling it.

    So you make version 1 of your app in C2, export it, compile it (with CJS cloud).

    You then get the unsigned apk file from them and follow these instructions in this thread:

    When you update you file in C2, export again and when you compile in CJS keep the same com.companyname.appname and you can change the version in the compile menu from 1 to 2 for example.

    Then re-sign the file as the above topic and upload to google play again.

  • Most of them are open source and have well documented features. Look up apache cordova.

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  • I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but I can tell you how to update your app using Ludei. Go under General settings and change your release number. If it's 1.3 then you can change it to 1.4, or whatever you want, and then save it. You can keep the same com.companyname.appname. Now go to Compile, and upload your zip file generated from Construct 2, choose Google Play, then compile. They automatically increase your version number each time you compile.

    Click on Projects, and wait until the Ludei icon appears next to your app name, click on that to download your apk file. Sign and align the unsigned apk, and then you can upload that file to Google Play.

  • is there some kind of GUI tool to make signing more straightforward than typing line commands?

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