Any GitHub users out there? [solved]

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  • We've been using Visual SVN / Tortoise for a long time, following Ashley's tutorial on it. Honestly it's been a bit rough so we've decided to look elsewhere.

    We settled on GitHub last night. It seems really popular so why not. Anyway, I have a basic understanding of it all, and we've got our repositories set up and ready to go.

    Problem now is the workflow. Every tutorial/example I've seen is for contributing to massive open-source community projects and such. We don't want that. We just need a simple workflow for 2 people to work on the same project. I'm not sure we need to delve in to branching and pull requests and everything...can't we just push/pull on a single copy? Or, if anything, have a development branch to push/pull on, and merge it to the master branch once a week or so if there are no conflicts?

    If you've got experience with GitHub I'd love some input here. We're just trying to find the simplest, quickest, and safest way to collaborate. Without command lines, if possible. We'd like to stick with the github desktop client / online github.

  • Pro Git - its free and here is an articlehe wrote on it.

    Basically workflow you have two branches that always exist, master and develop.

    master represents the most stable version of your project and you only ever deploy to production from this branch.

    I liked Scott Chacon approach and seems better suited to small teams.

    I've used github, but not extensively enough to be of any use to you. I was on and off a number of small teams, but I've never needed to be in the driving seat of actually setting it up and doing any heavy lifting other than creating a branch, and having someone else then merge that branch into the develop.

  • Thanks I'll check those out.

    I wish game engines like this would stop putting everything in a single program. If we had external level, sprite, object, etc. editors then everyone could just work together in real-time over dropbox lol. Or they could use online collaboration like SuperPowers.

    Ashley Any chance either of these will happen for C3? GM:S has version control built-in, and Fusion 3 allegedly has GitHub built into the editor.

  • GitHub has limited plans where you can't make private repositories, it's used to work with open source platforms, If you are working for your project I would recommend you to take a look at you can make unlimited private repos for free with 5 users.

    GIT is better at control version even you create new branches as features before to merge master version. You can learn this, It's very easy.

    I use GIT a lot to manage a project with different features and had 0 conflicts

  • Thanks for the links guys. We ended up going with GitHub (signed up for a month before discovering bitbucket) and SourceTree because GitHubs desktop client is pretty rough. Got a nice little workflow going now

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  • If we had external level, sprite, object, etc. editors then everyone could just work together in real-time over dropbox lol.

    I'm not sure how this solves anything. Whether the various editors are in the same program or in different programs, you can still create conflicts by two people editing the same thing at the same time.

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