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  • Hello everyone , I need scirra community members opinion about these questions

    If you have luck you will be in my favorite contest video !!

    What were your first impressions about the event sheet ?

    How did you discover Construct 2 ?

    and ...

    If you had to note Construct 2 , what note would you give it ?

    Please answer to athleast 1 question and remember to check my entrance to the favorite contest !!

    Thank you

  • ok i think my answers will be weird for some of us but its the truth ^^

    1) the one who let me know the eventsheet and made construct2 easier for me is Velojet

    (from :

    really thanks for him and i think words aren't enough so thank him ^^

    2) how did i know construct2 ^^ first of all i didn't know anything about construct2 but before year ago i saw someone on youtube sold about 1m app was made from gamesalad in mac i was surprised how could he do that while i can't is it a human or what? XD so i started to think of way to use gamesalad but i don't have mac so i used some programs i don't remember them to change from windows to mac and when i tried gamesalad its really complex and the examples are really hard so i keep working on it but still i have no idea what im making ... and after i made alot of things my laptop SHUTTED DOWN ...WTH!!! so after that i decided to check out about html5 maker but on windows i saw yoyo , yoyo has an example of game but its really complex they say do this do this but i don't know why im don't that i couldn't even know how to use it so after that i searched on google about best engine of making html5 so the weird thing is that i downloaded [PDF file] lol and inside pdf someone put all his opinion of game makers and he said scirra is the best one i think he is one in the forum ^^

    so after i knew something called scirra i searched on youtube to see some result

    when i saw i said its impossible to do this without language but when i jioned scirra forum i found that maybe one of the simplest game we can make we just need graphics ^^

    so thanks to everyone who made this :

    google, the 1million download boy, the pdf man, yokai game, Velojet , Kyatric for answering my questions on forum

    Ashely for being a nice developer

    Tom for answering emails and pms ^^

    thanks all of you for growing construct2 in the world ^^

  • Found construct 2 by this process...

    School computer class > Game Maker > Hey, I want to make my own games! > Game maker sucks > Look for new game creators for a while > Construct 2 > Epic win.

    First impressions of event sheet? Why did I use Game Maker this whole time?!?! Also, why has nobody came up with anything like this?

    If I had to 'note' C2... I assume you mean 'vote'. I would say 10 / pi.

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  • Thank you guys !! If anyone other can answer these questions , youre welcome !!

  • I used to use MMF2, then I found out about construct but I couldn't run it on my PC at the time. When I bought my new PC, I decided to give it a try and loved it. The event sheet is a lot more cleaner and easy to visualize then other similar software I used, and even more with C2

    Construct 2 is a 10/10 to me.

  • What were your first impressions about the event sheet ?

    it's a fun way to do game logic, it's reminding me of rpg maker event system :)

    How did you discover Construct 2 ?

    in fact, this a long story, first of all i know Construct Classic before, i wasn't happy with it, it was in their early versions and gamemaker 6/7 was the stable choice for making games and more famous when you search for tutorials, i wasn't care for it especially i'm not fun of click team multimedia fusion, so i been and still using gamemaker for most of my creations last years, till a day when one of my friend said why one of my gamemaker games his tearing issue ? this was really shame for gamemaker, i have no hope to work around this bug, especially for a guy interesting in making side scroller, so i decided to search for another game engine that have no tearing issue, i just give Construct Classic another chance and i tried to make a platformer, however, it's crashes and i lost hope for any game maker alternative, it was scirra end for me, till a day i tried to make a web game, i remember stencyl been at news but didn't release yet, i thought it's became vaporware.. also i remembered i read an interview for Ashley at he said he will consider cross platform for the next Construct, which I believe he meant HTML5, so i waited for Construct 2 and when i tried i got happy for what i see, it's not buggy like CC was and not open source anymore (i don't trust open source engine) :D.

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