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  • Hello everyone. New member and artist here. I'm a relative noob to game maker tools and game development but I'm really determined to create my own game(s). I don't know any programming languages (slowly learning Javascript though) but I thought I could use a game maker to create something potentially great considering other people's work. I've been researching every different game creation tool I can find and I think I've narrowed down my choices to construct 2, gamesalad, and stencyl. These seem to be the easiest to "program" in without needing to know a serious programming language.

    I'm really liking Construct 2 because of its low one time license. Many of the other game maker tools I examined have higher costs, subscription fees, and/or additional costs for exporting to different platforms that turn me off from using them. I'm happy to spend money to make money. But at the same time, I don't want to be beholden to any company via yearly subscription so my games can work, be downloaded, etc. If I can get away with a one time purchase so I can do basically do everything every other game maker can do, I definitely want to do that. Now I'm wondering how Construct 2 compares to other tools when it comes to adding ads and IAPs support. I've noticed websites for tools like gamesalad and stencyl advertise how easily you can integrate ads and IAPs into your games. Like I said before, I don't know any programming languages. I'm assuming in order to integrate ads and IAPs into your Construct 2 games, you would have to use 3rd party extensions, plugins, deal directly with companies like iAd (or whatever they're all called) or personally code it into the game using the javascript editor? I know, I'm really showing my ignorance here guys, sorry. I'm curious, how easily can an artist like myself integrate ads and IAPs into a game?

    I want an robust engine that can export to other platforms (super especially android, ios, windows, mac), is easy to use, is reasonably priced, can make some money from and other good stuff I'd really like to know other peoples experiences with the different game makers on the market. I imagine plenty of you where in my same situation, trying to figure out what game maker best fitted your needs. So do those services charge a yearly subscription so you can interact with IAPs and ad systems in a simpler ways?

    I tried to keep this post as concise as possible. Let me restate my questions. How do Construct 2 developers go about integrating ads and IAPs into their games? I realize this question is like really broad. Can an artist with no programming skills add IAPs and ad systems to a game with at least moderate ease? And one more question which is actually a two part question. How complicated is it to export to android? From what I've read, Construct 2 requires an external apps like crosswalk, cocoon, or some other ones. Do those programs require addition coding skills? Ok, those are all my questions. Thanks for taking the time to read my post guys!

  • For Android & iOS (external compilers, but no programming skills required) you can certainly do Ads & IAPs. I'm not sure if its possible for PC & MAC, I tried to get it to work with Chrome but its currently not possible.

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  • If you export using CocoonJS (iOS + Android) then you just use the built in C2 plugin and the events - ... -2-project

    For Crosswalk (Android) there's no iAP/Ad support as of yet, though it should be available next month.

    The tutorials on the site will walk you through exporting.

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