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  • Hi everyone,

    Small question about the way the software operates. Do layouts always stay loaded in memory? What I am getting at is, would it be ok performance wise to have say 1000 small layouts? I know that number is excessive I was just using it for an example. I can't seem to find a reference in the manual to how layouts and layers are loaded and when they stay loaded. Do layouts and inactive layers always stay loaded?

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  • Right now the entire game is loaded into memory, but only the current layout will be running. What is currently running is what affects performance.

  • However, if you have a lot of images, this can very easily be a problem.

    Ashley, how far are we away from loading/unloading resources from the RAM per layout? I think that one of the main benefits of EXE export is that file size doesn't matter as much, however it will still be a big problem until we have layout-based loading.

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