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  • Hi,

    There is a new gaming performance test ... ce=NewBlog

    Here Ashley states that desktop systems don't have any issues, but on my systems I did notice some framedrops in the past.

    So here are my test results on my Notebook

    HP Notebook Intel i3-5010U, 4GB Ram, Win10, 1600x900


    Chrome 48: webgl 56FPS; 179 dropped; CPU 20%; Test Score 57

    Firefox 44: 194 Frames dropped

    Edge: 178 dropped

    Normally Edge feels the fastest, but couldn't show this in this test


    Here did Chrome better than windowed (surprise) and dropped "only" 148

    On my Desktop I also had almost as much frame drops and a score of 58

    This means that my Skylake/GTX 960 combo is slower then a MotoX mobile

    Would be nice to know if something is really off on my systems

  • Your notebook has only a Intel HD Graphics 5500 integrated in the i3-5010U CPU and that GPU has a very poor performance. It's even possible that it's blacklisted on Chrome (No WebGl).

    What's wrong with your dektop, I cannot say.

  • Asmodean

    I have to disagree - the HD5500 GPU is pretty powerful. You can play even most of the newer games with some sacrifices.

    Of course it is not a GTX960, but almost every game ever made plays fine.

    Did you run this test on your machine?

  • Did you run this test on your machine?

    Yes, on my Core2Quad 6600 and AMD Radeon 6670 I have a Test Score of 60 and there is no frame drop. CPU is max. 20%

    Have you looked if your GPU on your notebook is blacklisted in chorme?

  • On my i5 HD4000 I achieved 59-60 fps with 20 dropped frames and 11% cpu. I have to say that it's quite a benign test - which is why desktop browsers have achieved 60 fps for the last 4 years! I didn't notice any particle effects and the number of objects on screen never exceeded a couple of hundred; there's not much really much demand on the cpu which, on my machine, leads me to guess that the logic runs to only a couple of hundred events.

    Most of the frame drops appeared associated with the creation of new instances of objects that aren't created on the layout start; this could be mitigated by creating an instance of everything at the start of the layout - none of them were likely caused by game logic. So IMO, it's a non-optimised and non-demanding performance test - probably good for the state of html5 a few years ago, but not really representative of a bullet-hell style of game that it's trying to emulate.

    Don't get me wrong - c2 and html5 have come a long way since I bought r80 - and it's great to see Ashley's forecast of mobile platform html5 improvements coming to fruition. What would be more interesting for me would be to see if sound effects can be triggered in time to touch events across a broad spectrum of mobile hardware...

  • The test results focused on average FPS, and if you score 55 FPS+ that generally means there isn't a performance problem. So yeah, your desktop is doing fine. Frame drops are a separate issue that the blog post didn't cover.

    When you're in the 55-60 FPS range you're probably in the "performance is fine" range and timer accuracy, v-sync accuracy or jank problems are the only things in play, so it's probably not really fair to say one system that got 58 FPS performs better than another which scored 56 FPS, there's probably just a varying amount of accuracy in the frame scheduling.

    Also I can say Intel integrated GPUs are definitely the worst on the market, from long experience working with a range of Intel iGPUs. The very latest ones in Skylake look like they might be OK-ish, but everything earlier is generally pretty poor, and often woefully underpowered for high-resolution displays (especially with 4K!). Also if you have a dual-GPU laptop, it probably defaults the browsers to the iGPU and not the better GPU. You can manually switch it over to test the other GPU.

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  • Ashley

    For me, it was interesting to see that my gaming rig with 16GB and SSD also dropped a lot of the frames - and as mentioned - is worse than most of the tested mobile devices.

    Because of Windows 10 or GTX960 or... I don't know (just interesting and hopefully with some other tests more conclusive)

  • Tried now my wife's i5-4200U (Intel 4400) 4GB SSD W10 Notebook

    and with the Scirra test on Edge and Chrome 60fps- not a single frame dropped

    So I did some more testing with a canvas test tool

    Here is my i3-5010U Notebook, 4GB Ram

    CanvasMark Score: 6651 (Chrome 48 on Windows)

    with Edge 6850 (in some tests like 1 and 2 it is 20% faster than chrome in others 20% slower)

    with Firefox 6784

    Test on wife's i5-4200U (Intel 4400) 4GB SSD Notebook

    Chrome 7832

    Edge 7566

    Test on my Gaming Rig i5-6500, 16GB, GTX 960, SSD, W10 system

    CanvasMark Score: 13946 (every test was way faster than on the notebooks - especially test 5)

    In Edge only 7450 (Here some test where very good, but others very low)

    I checked their Twitter page and saw that it looks like this are normal test scores (but please check your computer and post your results here).

    So this test gave me even more questions

    1. The gaming rig has a high score but with the Scirra test a lot of dropped frames

    2. my wife's computer doesn't drop any frames

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