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  • Basically what I am suggesting is the save import feature from Mass Effect in which depends on how the last game ended the sequel's story could be affected, could this be implemented in C2 or it's possible for C2 in the future to have such a feature?

    or this is too complicated? that would make games with multiple endings and sequels more interesting eh? :D

    if you didn't play the last game or you don't have a save game from the prequel the game will not access such events that happen only if you played the prequel.

  • Well, you could always use AJAX calls to store some data on a server or such, it's not really something that the authors need to implement, but rather what you as the creator of a game need to do.

  • Or even, since you're talking about savegames, with the webstorage.

    On start of your second game, you check that there are values that were saved by your first game.

    Webstorage is supposed to use some disk space "reserved" by your browser.

    Has Somebody said, this is not a coding feature, this is on behalf of the game coder himself.

  • I see, I take it would also be possible for when C2 will export to .exe.

    On start of your second game, you check that there are values that were saved by your first game.

    Actually no, it should check if you loaded the prequels save file and not automatically, you can still click new game and play as if you didn't played the prequel.

    in other words the game ending generates the save file that can be loaded if you finished the prequel, if you didn't finish it it will not affect it.

  • Uh, how exactly should it "check if you loaded the prequels save file"?

    I mean it is, after all, but a program, it cannot guess what it is doing or what you want it to do. So there cannot be a magical something that will realise it is a sequel or a prequel or whatever and just take some data from somewhere.

    The creators of Mass Effect, for example, clearly had to spend a bit of time in putting these variables into their savegames and then making something that parses this information and makes the necessary adjustments for the sequels. It cannot happen "automatically" - it's up to the user to use the tools provided (like Kyat mentioned, webstorage, for example) to save the data and then see if it's there.

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  • I see, so the vars have to be stored into the save game then via external tools.

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