GameJolt Upload Issue

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  • Hmmm I see this. Let me see something.

    **Like you have to be logged in to access html5 features :/

  • Talking with gamejolt team about the issue they are looking into it. Will update if we find a resolve. I let them know it is not just a C2 issue all html5 games I tried to play not logged in would get this error.

  • Thanks!

  • Input so far..

    Thanks so much for the info. I'm having a talk with one of our programmers now about it. Hopefully we can get it figured out.


    Paul H

    Game Jolt

  • PhoenixNightly, what export did you use that gave you an issue?

    Sanju83, You're talking about a different issue that'll be resolved soon

  • Well the problem is people not logged into game jolt site get 403 error when the game is html5 based. I was helping these guys out when it was noticed. It's not a c2 issue html5 games that was attempted to play not logged in would get a 403. They mention people said they had problems but they couldn't pin point what it was. So with more information they looking into it. I never had a problem uploading to them. What I upload I can see logged in.

  • YLivay, PhoenixNightly, thanks to you both.

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  • YLivay

    My old method just shows a black screen but with Kongregate export it ran logged in only but recent test today It run fine for me in Chrome now while logged out it but still in MS Edge still get the 403 error. Wierd

    Also my old way of exporting to just html website now works while logged in by not while logged out is just a black screen logged out. (Chrome report)

    403 Error(MS EDGE report)

  • What browsers on what OS are you guys having issues on? I tested all the combination of multiple game engines (2 games for each engine I tested) and browsers and everything seems to work when im logged in or not without an issue.

    Game engines I've tested:


    Construct 2

    Game Maker Studio HTML export

    Unity WebGL

    Browsers (tested on Windows 10/8.1 and Fedora):

    Microsoft Edge

    Internet Explorer




    Can you share a link to the archive you're trying to upload to GJ so I could reliably replicate the issue?

  • Me I was suckered into upgrading to windows 10 but I will let you look at mines. I will pm you.

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