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  • Hi, it's been a while since I was active in the forums (and with the engine too) and since I will have some weeks off I might give a try on the new features, but since I don't want to develope a game what about a tutorial?

    I'm not as experienced as other members here but I like challenges, so if any of you have a idea for a gameplay that hasn't been covered yet post it here...

    but please, ONLY GAMEPLAY LOGIC (I know NOTHING about ajax, multiplayer, server-stuff... etc.)

    I started my first (and only) tut' because there were unsolved questions on making a fighting game, and although I didn't completed the tut I guess the capx. helped some guys... so that's the idea.

    If you can't find help already in the forums post your idea here.

    *Type: racing, platform, puzzle, strategy, etc....

    *Version: full / free version

    *Plugins: native / 3rd party

    *any other consideration...

    If I get some challenging (but achievable in 2 or 3 weeks) entries I might give it a try. (but can't promise that)

    • How about 3d raycasting or a perlin noise for C2 ?

      That's challenges how I like them ;)

    • I'm sorry I have no idea of what those two thing are

    • Some ideas for you:

      Drag and drop -- inventory


      using functions effectively

      using the debugger

      code reuse

      (look at the last 10 or so betas and see the new features introduced - those probably have the greatest need for tutorials)

    • I am having real troubles with the new Load and Save system.

    • Here are some things that gave me trouble that I have figured out:

      • How to transfer lots of player information from one layout to the next

      (found a forum post suggesting saving the arrays to Webstorage and loading it on the next screen and I went with that)

      • How to interact with two different instances of the same object

      (found a forum post talking about using families and reference Sprite.X and Family.X and it worked for me)

      • How to stretch a background image to remain in proportion yet cover the background when using scale inner or scale outer of a variety of resolutions even when they are resized (like switching a mobile device from portrait to landscape).
      • Differences between windowheight and ViewportTop/Bottom, Y and AbosluteY.
      • How to anchor in the center of a vertical or horizontal side of the screen.

      That's all I can think of right now.

    • triptych anything specific qith dialogues? this is because I searched "dialogues" and found a lot of forum activity and even some example .capx

      What do you mean "using functions efficently/reuse code" , that's just too broad

      Hutto last time I used the program arrays were "global" so no need to use webstorage, unless that changed with recent versions.

      about interacting with instances, a quick fix is to create a variable (different value in each object) and start the conditions checking for that one... similar to object's ID but I never trusted IDs

    • Letter match game(as in 'drop the P on the right slot]. Has gameplay logic, arrays,

    • Drag and drop -- inventory


      using functions effectively

      I believe there are tutorials on these already.

      If there's anything I would want to see a tutorial on, it would be on creating an AI behavior (and I'm not just talking about the basic, AI pathfinds to player and moves toward player). You can create an AI behavior for a wide variety of genres, but there aren't many tutorials on behaviors because they are generally difficult to create effectively.

      For example, an AI in a platforming game that follows the player, but also stays some distance away from the player so the two sprites don't overlap. For example, if the player moves toward the AI, the AI moves forward past the player so their sprites don't overlap. Stuff like that.

    • Whatsup man and thank the game gods for your helpfulness,I am having the hardest time trying to create some water for my 2d sandbox game,

      I have seen many videos on this and read alot of facts regarding it but i dont understand how to make it.

      I would love to have your input on this subject.I was aiming for making water physics like the game Terraria or Minecraft but i am lost when it comes to how i can implement this into my project.Can you help me out?

    • about interacting with instances, a quick fix is to create a variable (different value in each object) and start the conditions checking for that one... similar to object's ID but I never trusted IDs

      I can't remember the exact scenario, but it involved wanting to pass data from one instance to a second instance, so I needed a reliable way to reference each of them in the same action. Doing it as Sprite.value and Family.value did the trick after I picked one with a sprite condition and the other as a family condition.

      As for the arrays, I have them in a container with a sprite so it just makes more sense to me have a way to transfer this information when switching layouts, although I suppose I could make everything in the container global and do it that way.

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